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06 December 2009

Who is Squishy?

One of my life long obsessions is making sure that the snow and ice are off the drive and walk ways.

Years ago, I bought a house that had a steep driveway and in winter I quickly learned that I needed to be down to the bare pavement. 

Times when I didn't clear it to the bare ground my driveway became like a ski slope for motor vehicles moving backward toward the busy street.  Pretty dangerous.  Especially with a senior mom driving.  Pictured is my old driveway with my mom's car covered in snow.

For years I used a shovel to clear my driveway.  Then I had a neighbor who befriended me and cleared my drive for a few years.  This was great until he got a new job and moved. Bummer.

In comes the town clerk who had a crush on me and thought he'd do me a favor and clear my driveway.  Not able to bite my tongue, I called him and told him not to do me any favors.  He had left a hard pack of ice about 6 inches thick; a sure recipe for a major accident at the end of my driveway!

The blasting that I gave him did stop the snow plow surprises as well as the eggplant from his garden.  Soon after I had met my now husband, my little suitor (he was short) never waved hello to me again. 

My brother Marty came to my rescue.  He had a snow blower that he wasn't using, so I brought it to my friend Joe (God rest his soul) who fixed her up.  He even cleaned up the rust and gave it a paint job.  Good as new.

I used this for a few years until Marty needed it again. 

That's when I bought my Toro Snow Thrower.  A Toro CCR3650.  Oh, a fine little machine that did the perfect job easier than any other method I've used over the years. 

I LOVE my Toro CCR3650.

Life happened and I moved in with my new husband.  Yes, I brought my mom and cat along.  We became one big happy family with the addition of my new Mother-in-law.  Oh boy... what fun!

Last year it was a snowy day and I couldn't wait to get out and use my snow thrower.  Dressed and out the door before my husband could take away my fun, I had my snow thrower started up, happily clearing the slush from the driveway.

Oh, I was moving cars and clearing slushy snow, singing and enjoying my snow clearing task.  Heaven.

I needed to move my truck. 



Crunch, whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

It hits me.


I had run over my snow thrower.  I forgot to move it to safety.  I was singing so much, enjoying how clear the driveway was with the use of my friend, my snow thrower... I fucking ran it over.


So, after I realized that I had run it over, I ran it over for a SECOND TIME!  I don't know why.  I still don't know why I did it a 2nd time. 

My husband heard the comotion outside and rushed to the window.  He saw that I was heading for the machine with the truck and he couldn't stop me.  It was like a scene out of that movie with Dustin Hoffman, about Mrs. Robinson.  Was the movie "Good bye Mrs. Robinson?"  I digress.

Anyway, my husband laughed his fool head off as I wanted to be sure to kill the machine and thought my pickup truck could scale the snow thrower.  I still don't know what I was thinking.  Maybe it was a moment of dementia from too much gluten, who knows?

I got out of the truck and realized that the snow thrower was now inoperable.  FUCK is all I could scream... and I did.

Now the fun begins... telling the repair guy what happened.

I call the local repair shop and tell the guy what I had done.  Oh, he tried not to laugh, but he couldn't help himself.  I gave him permission to laugh.  It was pretty funny.

The verdict.  "Maam, this machine would cost more to fix than to buy a new one.  The housing is cracked..." he listed a laundry list of things wrong with my machine.  I went and retrieved my broken snow thrower. 

Hey, maybe Brad can fix it?

I called my Brother-in-law and told him the story.  He laughed and laughed, just like every guy I tell the story.  I suppose it wouldn't be so funny if I hadn't tried to scale the snow thrower 2 times with my pick up truck.

Meet Squishy

Fortunately, Brad could patch Squishy up so that it's operable.  It needs to be started with the electric starter, the pull string thingy won't work, it was squished and cracked.  It's got new wheels and moves sideways if i don't hold on tight.  It's sort of like using my roto-tiller in the snow.

Last night we had our first snow that requires clearing.  Like usual, I was up and dressed before my husband.  I had to get out and see if Squishy would start. 

She did... Squishy started up after a little coaxing and the driveway was cleared just in time for my mom to go out with my sister.

I love my Squishy.

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