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07 December 2009

A Different Kind of Morning

Day 5. 

My mom has been taking a small dose of thyroid medicine for 5 days. 

Today, we had a different kind of morning. 

As I made the morning coffee, the fear that I had as a child stirred in my mind, frightened that she would die in her sleep.

My dad too. I worried about this all the time as a small child, especially when my dad would wake up gasping for air in the middle of the night. His gasping always scared me.  I would wake at night and check to make sure my parents were still breathing.  Knowing that they were breathing, I could sleep.  This is something that has stayed with me even into my adult life.

This morning, that childhood angst of losing my parents came front and center. I couldn't hear my mom.  I can always hear a soft snore coming from her room when she's sleeping. Her cat, Savita, had already been up and greeted me, where was mom?

Slowly I walked toward her room, down the long hall that seemed like a mile. My heart raced as I thought to myself, "Will this be the morning I find her?"

I step in her room as I softly say, "Ma?"

"Good morning Dear!"  She replies.

Another Good Day Above Ground!

I woke my mom up at 7am.  She was different today, her confusion is less.

The thyroid med seems to be helping her sleep... alleluhia!

The thing I'm noticing most is that my mom's cognition appears better.  She is talking more clearly and able to find the words so that what she says doesn't sound totally crazy.  She's not back 100% but she's the best I've seen her since we moved in to our new house.

This morning I gave my mom her pills and sat and talked to her while I set her up for the week in her little pill minder container.  

My mom began to talk.

"It's all like a dream.  Everything.  Being in this room.  Moving.  Everything that I've been through is like a dream that I couldn't wake up from."

I looked at my mom and she appeared awake.  Wide awake.  Typically she was lathargic and had no energy, not even after a full night of sleeping.  Now, after the thyroid supplement, she is sleeping.  She slept all through the night. 

Today we are having a different kind of morning.  It's better.  Even though winter is closing in fast, inside I feel like it's Spring already, that we are opening a new chapter with my mom's health. 

All I want for Christmas is my mom to be happy, healthy and with clear cognition... do you hear that Santa?

Could we be getting our Christmas Miracle early?


  1. So nice to hear your Mom is having good days! Continued well wishes to you and yours.

  2. Thank you. I hope your dad has more good days ahead for him soon.