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17 December 2009

The Day Savita Lost Her Teeth

Savita the Cat, pictured, has lived with us for 7 years.  She was a near ferrel kitten when I got her from the vet after having my awesome black and white cat put down because he had a blood clot break creating complications.  Obviously I cried when they put Kitty Kitty down, I held his little paw, he wanted to be near me.  Kitty Kitty was an awesome cat.  I inherited him from an elderly woman that I cared for years ago. 
At the vet I asked if they had another cat that I could take home.  I was told that they had no cats, just kittens.  My reply, "No, no, not interested in kittens, I want a full grown cat."  The woman asked me to wait and just look at the little kitten.

I waited.

Out comes this little tiny black kitty (pictured standing up to Shadow.)  Savita she was feisty and swatted at me playfully.  She made me laugh.  I named her on the spot, Savita, which means sunshine... she was my sunshine, she brought me joy immediately, just as I imagined happend with my parents when I was born.  My parents gave me a special name when I was a kid, they called me their Sunshine, replacing the sadness they experienced with having a still born before I was even a thought.
Savita the Cat, she has been my sunshine, making me laugh and comforting me when I felt sick or sad.

Today, Savita is at the vet, The Cat Doctor, having her teeth extracted.  My poor cat got a virus when she was out in the wild as a kitten.  The vet explained to me that some cats get this virus that attacks the enamel on the cats teeth, making them rot at the root.  A few months ago I noticed one of her canine teeth hanging, all snaggle tooth-like.  We took her to a vet that treats all animals.  They pulled the tooth.

We took her back to the vet a couple of weeks ago so that they could look at her teeth again.  The other teeth didn't look right.  The vet on call said that they would need to extract a couple of teeth but couldn't do it for 3 plus weeks. 

The cat was suffering so I searched for a Naturopath type cat doctor.  Fortunately, I found one!  Dr. Janice is awesome.  Savita seemed to like her and especially liked that there were no dogs in the place.  After a thorough exam, Dr. Janice recommended removing all of her teeth because we'd only be back in a couple of years to get others removed because of the virus.  She also ran the risk of a bone infection if she kept the teeth which would be very bad for her health. 

Today, Savita becomes toothless.  It will make her feel better.  I know that she wants to play with the kittens, she's curious about them and keeps an eye on them.  This morning she did the little ass wiggle like she was going to playfully pounce on one of the kittens, but she changed her mind. 

We're hoping that once she's out of pain she'll be happy to share our home with 2 new roommates, Shakti  and Sammy.


  1. What an awesome story. Savita is a very lucky kitty.

    I'm new to cats. Seymour, my orange tabby tomcat arrived last January. He'll be two years old in July.

    Coco, my sweet snowshoe, arrived this past June. She'll be a year old in March.

    They've brought so much joy into my life and given me a totally new admiration for these unique creatures.

    Tell Savita to get well soon!

  2. thank you. We're just as fortunate to have Savita, even though my brother would disagree, Savita hisses at him and tries to scratch him. He's got dogs.

    Your kitties are beautiful. They are great companions, often aloof but there when you need them.

    Thank you for your well wishes for Savita, I'll tell her on the drive home.