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09 December 2009

Is It Day or Is It Night?

My mom was up at 4, 5 and 6 am this morning.  Nothing woke her, she just looked at the clock and thought it was time to get up.

I'm not sure if she forgets how to read the clock or she can't see it well enough in the dark.  I had one of those light up clocks that projected onto the ceiling, but one night she woke up all freaked out thinking that "the man" was smoking in bed and the red projection clock eye had become the lit cigarette.

My mom, she ripped the clock plug out of the wall and hid it.  Nothing that I could tell her about the clock would get her to agree to use it in her room.

Now that she seems a bit more with it and not hallucinating, maybe I can put the clock back into commission?

With my mom's illness, I do know that she has a problem distinguishing between day and night.  I need to get her involved with a Day Care for Seniors. 

Last week she tripped walking up a curb and banged her knee.  She couldn't use her knee, it hurt which affected her exercise routine.  I gave her Arnica which helped with the pain.  Today we'll get back on the Wii, hopefully this will tire my mom, helping her to distinguish between day and night.

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