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08 December 2009

If She Could Only Remember Who I Am

My mom, she's doing great.  The hallucinations have stopped completely.  They've been gone for a couple of days, maybe 3 days. My mom is finding her words more easily but for the love of God, she can not remember my name or who I am.  Her volume in her voice is stronger, not so soft and faint like days when she's frightened.  My mom told me today that she doesn't feel scared anymore; now that is a huge advancement in my opinion.

In my mom's mind, she has 3 of me caring for her.  There's a morning Sue who she tells stories about the night Sue, what the night Sue said, how many pills, all random things.  The daytime Sue, she considers the "hungry Sue," who gets edgy if left hungry for any length of time.  Typically, hungry Sue can't deal with supermarkets and my mom on an empty stomach.  The evening Sue is my mom's favorite.  This is the Sue the nurse imposter, who gives my mom Reiki, rubs her back and talks calm (hypnosis.)

I don't know if my mom will ever remember me, or know who I am, but she feels safe here and is hoping that she can beat this illness.

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