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24 July 2009

Does cordyceps cure sleep apnea by melting away visceral fat?

Cordyceps is my new friend. I love this mushroom more and more every day.

It's been working awesome for my elderly mom with dementia. Her memory is improving every day. She can handle those simple tasks that were difficult for her just a few short weeks ago. My mom is smiling more and laughing at her favorite sitcom reruns. (never did I imagine that this would be music to my ears.)

For myself, I have begun to shed between a half pound and a pound EVERYDAY! My belly fat is melting before my eyes.

I read how Cordyceps attacks belly fat. It seemed like such a long shot. How could something that was good for your heart get rid of belly fat?

As I thought about it, it makes perfect sense. Those of us with an apple shape, we have visceral fat that is more than likely wrapping around our organs. It makes it hard for us to breath, especially when we are sleeping. I'm beginning to think that those of us with the apple shape either have sleep apnea or are borderline for having this horrible illness.

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea about 2 years ago. The mask that I had to wear was awful. I tried every mask out there, all were awful. My mom was diagnosed with sleep apnea also, she used to snore so loud the windows shook in the house and then there would be an erie silence where she stopped breathing. My husband tells me I was the same way for a good stretch. He invested in ear plugs which our cat thinks are the greatest cat toy on the planet. I digress...

Since taking cordyceps, my belly fat and the fat around my chin and neck is melting and I've stopped snoring. I am sleeping through the night. My mom too.

Does cordyceps cure sleep apnea by melting away the visceral fat? If you ask me the answer is yes.

Cordyceps seems to be working wonders with the fat that I've been fighting to take off for years. I'm excited with my renewed spirit of good health for myself, my mom and my family.

People need to understand that there are alternatives to traditional medicine surgeries and medications, we all have the last say with what we want and don't want... we have free will.

My advice is to question everything, especially the "new pill"... it might make something fall off!


  1. Dear Susan,

    I found your blog by searching "visceral fat" on google. Actually I have a big belly and I try everything to get rid of this enemy inside me. At the moment I try NARL 517, but it isn´t working as good as it should. I bought such a (used) device and use it frequently. Almost no effect. I tried bitter herbs to fight the visceral fat. Guess what. Nothing. Yesterday I ordered Cordyceps and I will give it a try. I assume, that I will receive it next week. As your Post is from July last Year I would be interested in your further results. Is it really that miracle stuff as it seems to be when reading this post? I couldn´t find any other info on the internet which state a coincidence between cordyceps and the loss of visceral fat. But I read a description of my cordyceps dealer, stating there is an influence of cordyceps on pitituary and hypothalmic hormones. Maybe this could be an explanation of the effects you experienced.

    I enjoy reading about your efforts to help your mom. Please send her my warmest regards.

    Matt(hias) from Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany

    1. ***WARNING:

      Due to recent reports from viewers who have experienced accelerated fat loss please consult your physician if you experience more than 1-2 pounds per day of belly fat loss or more than 12 pounds per week.

      The Simple Method For Burning Off Dangerous “Visceral” Belly Fat...and how one simple 2-minute ritual melts away this deadly fat surrounding your internal organs making you look instantly slimmer while reducing risk of sudden death.

      For more info please click on the following link: This 2-minute ritual should only be used as noted in the video.

      Talk soon.


  2. Cordyceps does appear to work to melt the tough belly fat. What I also did was stop eating wheat gluten; this also helped with belly fat. I feel much better eating gluten free foods.

    I have more posts about Cordyceps. Have you had a chance to find them and read them too>

    Best of luck. I do want you to know that the cordyceps will make you have to use a toilet. You know you are taking too much when you are in the bathroom a lot.

  3. Yes I read all cordyceps related Posts. Matty the Plumber ;-) i.e. Another question: how much of the cordyceps capsules did you eat daily and after how many days did you see the bellyfat melting. You write "it appears to work". Does it mean, that you are not convinced entirely and / or does it stop melting when there was reached a certain point.

    I know, that there is a problem eating carbs. I already made the Atkins diet and alot of sport. It worked for that "moment" (2 years), but as I stopped physical activities and as I ate slightly more carbs all the weight and more came back. That´s why I am looking for different ways to get rid of the belly fat, which is certainly one of the main reasons for bad health and a short unhappy life.

    Thank you very much for your fast answer. I appreciate that much.


  4. Hi Matt,
    I took 4 capsules a day, 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening.

    It will lower your blood sugar so it's a good idea to have them with food.

    I took them for a few months while I exercised with Wii Fit. I changed my diet, eating more plants, chicken and fish.

    I stopped taking them when it gave me some stomach discomfort.

    Our plumber, he takes them every day. We saw him a few months ago and he lost a lot of his big belly.

    The cordyceps also make you feel good, a sense of well-being.

    I hope I've answered your questions.

  5. Hi Susan,

    yes, you answered my questions. Thanx for that. I definately give it a try and I will write my experiences here.

    BTW, as seen on your pics, you are not overweight. You are indeed a very nice person. I don´t know your "before"-pics, but I can´t imagine that you were an "apple" ;-)

    I wish you and your mom a very nice mayday.


  6. Me again,

    just another question. Do you still need your mask for your sleep apnoe treatment? I have a mask since 2002 and one of my goals is to get rid of it. But it helped and helps me to have a good sleep.



  7. Hello Matt... well, I was more than an apple, I'd say I was a pumpkin.

    With a lifestyle change (diet and exercise) and taking supplements like Cordyceps, vitamin b12, Vitamin D3, C0Q10 and Omega 3's, my health has improved.

    We no longer need a sleep apnea mask, yay! I couldn't sleep with it and neither could my mom. Both of us don't require the device to sleep any longer.

    Food is very important, we eat a lot of fresh vegetables and legumes. I now serve very small portions of meat (chicken and fish) with lots of vegetables that I prepare in different tasty ways.

    I am writing a cookbook to go along with the book that I'm writing about how I helped my mom get off all of her pharmaceutical drugs, drugs that were making her sick.

    Dr. John La Puma has a very good cookbook, The Big Blue Book of Culinary Medicine. He makes it easy to change one's diet. He has a website and a blog that I find very helpful.

    The other cookbook that I use often that has helped me to change how I prepare food and what we eat is Dr. Philip Tirman's book, The Food and Wine Lovers Diet.

    Food is medicine.

    I look forward to hearing about your success. My mom has taught me a lot with her illnesses, she taught me that there's always hope, that we can always heal our bodies if we give it the right foods.

    Happy May Day to you too... today, we have a break from care giving, my mom is on vacation in Maine for a few days with my sisters. Yay!

  8. What brand of Cordyceps pills are you taking Sus? When taking supp's, is it best to take them BEFORE, WITH or AFTER meals?

  9. I use Aloha Medicinals bran - they are made in the US and are very good quality. The cordyceps are grown in Hawaii. I take the supplements with food because one of the things it does is lower blood sugar.

  10. Thankz for the share,Get your sleep fixed!
    . Spending leisure time to our family is great.

  11. My sleep problem was solved... I lost weight. Cordyceps helped, it is not a magic supplement. I exercise, eat healthy and now get my rest thanks to everything that I'm doing, my sleep apnea is not a problem.

  12. Really Cordyceps
    is a herbal medicine and this blog have a nice and informative.

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