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03 December 2009

A Visit from Ed

My brother Ed has been dead since June 30, 2001.  I miss him when I think about him.

My mom's been "seeing" Ed sitting in a chair in her room.  She has been enjoying his visits.  She talks to me about him like he is still alive after he pops in.

I haven't had any dreams that I can recall since I moved into this house almost 2 years ago.

Last night however, I had a dream and I woke up remembering it.  I had a dream with my brother Ed.  It was awesome to see him.

He looked fabulous, like he did when he was in his 20's.  he had long hair that was well kept, he was his ideal weight and moved effortlessly.

My mom and I were sitting on the sofa in our living room and Ed walked in like he used to do when he'd visit us at my house in Groveland.

I looked at him in my dream and thought to myself, Oh shit, he can't take Ma, she's going to get to try the thyroid supplements that Dr. B prescribed yesterday.  It could be the solution to her dementia, hair loss, high cholesterol and difficulty losing any more weight.

Ed came around to the front of the sofa where my mom and I were sitting.  I was between him and my mom and I said to him, "Well you may as well just forget it, you are NOT taking her with you, not yet.  She has to try her new thyroid pill tomorrow."

Ed smiled at us and laughed.  He said to me, "Oh, don't worry, I'm just here to say hi and check up on you.  Everything is going to be great.  .... Hey!  Look at all those games.  I wish I were alive so that I could play them, I bet they are a blast.  Do you play them often?  If not, you should, it will make you happy."

Then, he went away as fast as he showed up.

It was really great to see him.  He looked awesome and he left me feeling really happy.  I woke up at 3:33am and was not able to go back to sleep until after 6am when my mom woke up, anxious to take her new thyroid supplement.

Thyroid trouble?

I brought my mom's latest blood test results to our Naturopath Doctor as well as her first neurological exam report.

After reviewing the blood test results, he noticed that her TSH was in the low normal range.  He also noticed all the symptoms that my mom was showing for thyroid trouble.  He prescribed a small dose of thyroid and suggested she take it first thing in the morning, before doing anything.

Last night, I instructed my mom to wait until 7am to wake up.  She couldn't wait, she was too excited to try the thyroid supplement.  Up at 6am, she took the supplement and laid back down.  I turned on the news and I finally got back to sleep, if only for an hour.

My mom woke me at 7am with a few squeaks of the floor above my bed, she was so excited about how good she was feeling.  She had to tell me.  The hallucinations are gone!

I don't know if the thyroid supplement is supposed to work this quickly or if it was my suggestions to her before she went to bed last night about the supplement.  In any event, she's feeling really good today.

What are we going to do today?

I'm being adventurous, I'm taking my mom and my mother-in-law out to Marshall's and Target.  This is going to tell us a lot about how she handles shopping with us, it's usually very challenging for me.  I'll report back in a followup post.


  1. i always wish for being able to dream about my grandfather, but its only happened 2 times in the year hes been gone.

    good news about the new meds! ive got my fingers crossed :)

  2. Isn't it wonderful to have great dreams about those who've left us...I recently had a similar dream about my great grandmother.

    Hope things go well with your mom on her new meds :)

  3. Slye... when your grandfather does visit, it's going to feel like he never left for a brief moment. Really awesome. Hope he visits you soon.

    Rochelle... I know, I read the dream post that you had written and thought, oh how fortunate Rochelle is to have that dream visit. Seeing Ed was so awesome, he greeted me with a "Hey Sis!" just like he always did. :-)

    My mom is doing really well. So far so good.

  4. hey sue. i miss ed too. i got a post in draft about him.

  5. Ed loved you, Drew and all of your friends.

    He LOVED hanging out with all of you.

    Dreaming about him was freaking awesome. I can still see him when I close my eyes.

    I love dreams like this that linger, don't you?

    I wish he could have met Brian.

  6. Joe... why not finish and publish that post about Ed? I'd love to read it. Now, I'm looking forward to it.

  7. I LOVE those dreams. I have had MANY dreams like that.


  8. Vodkamom... at one point in my life I was like you and had so many of these dreams that it was like going to the movies every night with all my dead relatives as the "stars."