I am not a doctor. I am providing information based on experiences that my mom has with natural remedies. The purpose of this blog is to help folks to educate themselves. Use this information with your own discernment.

10 December 2009

How to Bring on Dementia

With my mom's condition, I've noticed that she is constantly changing.  She'll have really great streaks and then really bad one's.  Her hallucinations have stopped for now, but she's still a bit confused as to where she is and who I am.

In the past, I found myself modifying what she eats, based on her hallucinations.  It seemed like a cause and effect with food.  If she ate gluten, we were sure to have a visit from "The Man" or "The Lady."  The hallucination would last for days with moving walls, extra stairs and even a new refridgerator in her room. 

My mom also hallucinates when she eats eggplant or potatoes, both members of the Deadly Nightshade variety of plants.  Tomatoes and peppers are also in this plant family, however tomatoes and peppers don't give her any trouble.

Hallucinations are an interesting phenomenon that the brain produces. 

I can understand how frightening hallucinations can be; I've watched my mom in terror over what she had "seen."  She's been horrified to the point where she once called the cops at 2am... who woke me up with a bright flashlight in the eyes while I was in my bed sleeping.

I believe that hallucinations are caused by inflamation in the brain.  I know that processed foods can cause inflamation in the body which triggers disease.  I'm discovering that it appears to work the same with the brain based on what I've witnessed through my mom's dementia episodes. 

Diabetes is a perfect example of a disease that is brought on by foods that are ingested.  If you eat processed foods with fake sugar and so called "sugar free" treats, you will cause inflamation in your body.

You will get sick.

Fast food, packaged foods, foods made for "convenience" are what you will need to eat regularly if you wish to bring on dementia.

You can bring on dementia eating hydrogenized fats, fake fats, fake sugar. 

High Blood pressure, High Cholesterol and High Blood sugar are all the beginnings of making sure you become demented.  There are pills for all of these illnesses, all with nasty side effects, some could even cause you to hallucinate sooner than later.

It's OK, if you want to end up sick, the pharmaceuticals have been developed to help people eat garbage and keep "living."  You can eat the processed foods and see a doctor who knows what pharmaceutical to prescribe to cover up the underlying cause for your problems.

Gimme that Pharma Med

Traditional doctors understand what our "food" does to us and how to treat the illness with the pharma bandage.  Rarely will a doctor push nutrition, it's easier to give you a pill to mask your illness.  It's not that doctors don't want you to be well, they do, patients however want the easy temporary fix. 

Once on pharmaceutical drugs, your chances of getting off the drugs are slim, you will be put on a subscription plan.  You will be part of the group of folks who are supporting the rich lifestyles of the executives with Big Pharma, you will be part of healthcare for profit system. 

Yay you! 

You will continue to get the latest "new pill".  Each drug prescribed is not void of side effects that cause you to "need" more drugs, expensive drugs.  Maybe you will go bankrupt supporting your "need" for the pharma drugs and special treatments to keep you healthy?

Eventually, you will get so damn sick that you end up with dementia, hallucinating and wondering what is going on.  You will find that you are paranoid.  Depression sets in.  Your family is no where to be found.  You are left alone.  Often you are put into a nursing home because no one wants to deal with the crazy you.  You have no value to anyone so you are locked up until you die, waiting every day for someone to show up to give you attention.  No one ever comes.

The lucky ones have a Care Giver, but not everyone. 

If you want to bring on dementia, make sure you start up early in your life.  Eat the crap.  Take the drugs that are prescribed.  Don't bother looking for alternatives, they'll probably help you to avoid dementia. 

Keep eating the processed foods, the CEO's of the big pharma's are hoping that you do so that they can buy themselves a bigger yacht. 

It's not difficult to bring on dementia if you chose to cut corners where your food is concerned.  Eating cheap, buying sale items just because you have a coupon, will eventually fulfill your desire to become demented and live out your life in a nursing home.

I have a question... how come people have no problem buying themselves new cars and putting the most expensive gas in them, but when it comes to putting good fuel into our bodies, we look for the cheapest crap on the supermarket shelves.


  1. Thats amazing... different foods will bring out different hallucinations... wow.

  2. The hallucinations are always the same for my mom, The Man, The Lady, the little kids and the wild animals... moving walls, all come about when she eats anything that has gluten.

    It's a trip watching her because so many times there's nothing I can do except ride it out.

    All I know is I'm documenting all of this so that one day if I lose my mind like my mom, my husband will know what to do to help me.