I am not a doctor. I am providing information based on experiences that my mom has with natural remedies. The purpose of this blog is to help folks to educate themselves. Use this information with your own discernment.

23 December 2009

The Day the Insurance Company Called

My mom's improved health is not a secret, it's been my focus.  Wanting to understand why my mom became so ill, I discovered the root of the healthcare crisis in my country.  It's not just the pharmaceutical companies with their new miracle drugs that mask ailments only to give you new health issues.  New issues that require you to ingest another new pill.  Lack of knowledge is the culprit to a problem that has snowballed into disaster.

People are not taught how to take care of their bodies.  We never really learn about nutrition and the affects fast food has on our health.  Processed food is poison to the human body; I've witnessed it first hand with my mom's health as well as my own.  Maybe the processed food industry doesn't want us to become educated on food, they'd be put out of business.

Obesity, heart disease, diabetes... all serious illnesses that can snuff out a life, but not before it empties your bank accounts.


It's been a question that I've had, why don't people know about all this stuff that I'm discovering?  Why is Naturopathic Medicine looked upon as quackery when I am witnessing the healing power from the Earth's medicine cabinet? 

My latest big question, Why is my mom's health insurance company calling me and asking ME what I'm doing to help my mom?

No one believes it, not the traditional doctors or the insurance company.  My mom was sick.  Really sick.  She was on her way out, she even said "goodbye" to my husband and me.

It wasn't time.

My mom, she lived.  I was laid off.  I began to pay attention and started to read abstracts from medical researchers.  Slowly my mom began to get off all her pharmaceutical medications, they were making her sicker. 

Naturopath Doctors can help you switch from pharmaceutical medications to natural or homeopathic remedies; natures medicine that is gentler on the human body. My mom and I did it on our own but looking back, it would have been much easier and less stressful if we had an ND's assistance.
Once I changed our diet, what we ate and how I prepared food, my mom's diabetes seemed to go away.  Everything is better now, all of her blood readings are showing significant improvements.  My mom isn't visiting the ER, we haven't been to one in quite sometime, not since my mom stopped eating processed foods and gluten.

Over the last several months, my mom has been getting requests by her doctors to have additional blood tests.  I wondered if they believed the test results were flawed since we'd be going every couple of weeks.  My mom, we'd go and give blood samples when requested by her different doctors, we want them to see that there are alternatives for people, alternatives that they need to talk about.

Last week on Friday, my mom's health insurance company called to talk to me.  It was the prevention department of the insurer, he asked questions about my mom and he was wow'd.  You see, this man knows how sick my mom was, he knows how much money she was costing them to pay for her benefits, her private hospital beds, her expensive drug treatments that would cost over a thousand bucks for one dose.  All of these expenses are gone. 

My mom's sleep apnea, well it appears to be gone too.  She's lost 80+ pounds and eats a diet rich in nutrients.  She takes supplements that were prescribed by our Naturopath Doctor.  Her diabetes A1C is now 5.4 - normal.  Blood pressure readings are now 120 something over 60 something.  Her health is better than it's been in decades and her insurance company has noticed.

The supervisor that I spoke with on Friday asked if one of their nutritionist could call and speak with me.  Of course I said yes, I want to teach as many people about my discoveries.  It's the only way to help folks from going bankrupt with high healthcare cost.  Stay healthy, that's the best defense we have in order to protect ourselves from the healthcare corruption.

The nutritionist called this week.  I told her how I helped my mother, what I did and what we both do together now.  I taught the nutritionist, maybe she can help others to restore their good health. 

Nutrition is where it all starts.  Food is medicine, it's our first defense against disease and illness.  It matters what you put into your body.  Think about that cookie or that empty treat.  You can make treats and cookies that taste way better and they can be healthy. 

It's not hard to heal yourself once you chose to do it.  You can if you think you can, the only limitations are the ones that you put on yourself. 

So... what are you going to do?  Stay on the same ole same ole path or take charge of your health and regain a life that is full of rewards.


  1. Great work, Susan: I love that you're looking at the power of food to work like medicine.

    These ways of preventing and treating disease with what you eat have an increasingly strong scientific basis...and an excellent culinary one. Myrecipes at ChefMD.com and elsewhere aim to help people get where you and your family are going.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Thank you Dr. La Puma. I just looked at your website. I'm excited that you found me. I will be a frequent visitor to your site.

    Food as medicine is common sense, too bad folks aren't common anymore.