I am not a doctor. I am providing information based on experiences that my mom has with natural remedies. The purpose of this blog is to help folks to educate themselves. Use this information with your own discernment.

27 March 2012

Surgery Cure for Diabetes.... Seriously?

Who knew that diabetes can be "cured" by lap band surgery?  When I saw a news report today, where a medical doctor was touting that diabetes can be cured by surgery, I nearly fell off my chair in disbelief.  Surgery to cure diabetes... seriously?

In my opinion, the doctor was less than truthful.   He never answered questions about a change of diet to naturally cure diabetes.  He didn't seem like he wanted anyone to know that whole foods will cure diabetes. His whole reason for being on the "so called news" this morning was to SELL his procedure.

The new lap band procedure for diabetes makes no sense at all to me except that someone is making money on the backs of obese individuals with diabetes.  I wonder how many new yachts these surgeries will be funding?

I have personally witnessed and helped my mother who was 125 lbs. overweight and an insulin dependent diabetic taking 62 units of insulin everyday.  My mom was obese.  She failed on her own at attempts to lose weight, she had no energy.  She ate processed foods and very little whole foods.

Life happened. 

I began my blog, Back Door Logic where I documented my experiences as my mom's care giver.  I wrote about how my mom got off insulin and her Lewy Bodies Dementia condtion.  I discovered that food matters and if you eat processed foods, you will more than likely become diabetic.  

If you want to keep eating stuff in a box or GMO foods that have been genetically engineered or sprayed with pesticides, you can expect a life dependency on pharmaceutical drugs.  The lap band procedure is  dangerous and risky surgery; it's elective surgery.   Surgery is a crazy solution because it isn't going to change how someone thinks about food.  People can continue to eat the processed foods that got them in their obese state in the first place.  

The only way to stop diabetes is to change your diet, period, end of story.  You don't need surgery to change your diet.  I am convinced that 10 years down the road we will be hearing how folks who had the surgery are insulin dependent again and the surgery was a waste of everything.

It has become apparent to me that processed foods create a need for synthetic drugs.  Observing my mom's progress using food as medicine, I had discovered that the American diet doesn't provide the  body with enough nutrition to heal itself let alone keep us drug free.  Processed foods are not nutritious; read the labels and see for yourself.  

Do you ever wonder why so many people are so fat these days?  I am asking myself more and more, is this so called phenomenon of a diabetes epidemic intentionally created in order to sell more drugs or procedures like lap band surgery?  What other great ideas will the "scientists" come up with in order to keep everyone a slave to medicines?

In my opinion, healing people isn't profitable for the pharmaceutical industry or even some in the medical community.   Are new illnesses manufactured in order to promote profitable drugs and procedures?  Seems like a big scam to me and everyone is at risk.

Doctors wonder why people don't trust them like our parents did 50 years ago.  It's easy for doctors to be enticed with wealth and recognition.  It sort of reminds me of animals who eat their young, no compassion, only concern for self preservation.

In a nutshell, save yourself the pain and dangers of surgery; eat better, it works.  You can naturally drop weight once you begin to give your body the nutrition it is craving.  It isn't difficult.

Eat REAL food.

Whole foods are the only real foods because they help the body heal itself; real food can not be patented, it is not profitable for anyone except organic farmers and the consumer (you and me.)   Food is your best medicine for good health and a happier life.  

It is possible to kick the processed food habit.  I did it.  My 82 year old mom did it... she even beat diabetes, you can too.

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23 March 2012

Beet Juice and Lewy Bodies Dementia

Ma on March 21, 2012
Alert and enjoying music entertainment;
One week after daily beet, carrot and celery juice

"Hi!  I've been waiting for you."  My mom greeted me on Wednesday when I visited her.

My mom was alive, she was alert and she could walk.

Mom, March 7,2012
Before she began drinking
fresh vegetable juice everyday.
One week earlier, my mom slept all the time and had trouble walking even a short distance.  It pained my heart to see her so weak, even though I know her end is coming.  I felt myself missing my mother and silently reminisced, thinking of all the time I did have with her.

It's never easy to lose a parent.

Since I have been home from the hospital, I have begun to juice.  We bought an inexpensive juicer that has power (Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro) and it's easy to clean.  Every day, I make vegetable juice to drink; my medicine is whole food.  It's working.  I have not felt as good as I am feeling in years.  My varicose veins are going away!

I started to bring my mom vegetable juice made with beets, carrots and celery.  Something wild happened, my mom seemed to wake up.  Her cognition has improved.  She is able to walk long distances again.  Today, I am going to see if she can handle going out for a ride in the car.  I never thought she would be able to go out in the car again, now I have a glimmer of hope.

Amazed with the positive changes in my mom, I searched the internet for information that would validate my assumption.  I wanted to know if there is scientific data to back up what I was witnessing with beet juice and dementia.  I found it.  Beet juice does help dementia folks, especially my mom with Lewy Bodies Dementia.

Here's one of the articles that I had found:  Beet Juice Boosts Brain Health In Older Adults

More and more I am learning and experiencing first hand the power of whole food as being the best medicine.

Can real food cure all that ails us?  Is whole food the best treatment for Lewy Bodies Dementia?  If I had my care giving with my mom to do over again, I would have started juicing vegetables a long time ago.  I wonder if juicing would have given her way better days when she was living at home with me?

I may never know the answers to my questions, but I do know that whole foods; beets, carrots and celery combined are powerful medicine with NO nasty side effects.  It's easy to test for yourself, try it and see how it works for you.

My conclusion:  Whole food is the best medicine to all that ails us.

14 March 2012

Lessons Learned As A Care Giver

Care giving for my mom contributed to my poor health.  I don't know how it happened, how I fell out of the habit of eating well and exercising.

I cooked every day for my mom when she was living at home with me; making food that would help give her more good days, using food as medicine.  It worked.

Everyone in my house felt better when I was cooking every day.  It was stressful for me, trying to make food that everyone would eat.  Often I found myself preparing 2 or 3 different dinners in order to satisfy everyone's palate.  The preparing of vegetables, the cooking and the cleaning, consumed a good part of my day.  Some days, I didn't feel like cooking.  I forced myself.

I compromised my own health to try and make everyone happy.

You know what happened?

No one was happy, not even me!

The holidays brought "Wooo Hooo Time!"  We drank and ate the American diet.  It was the big last hurrah before I became physically ill.

The stress from care giving is real.  It is a silent killer.  Care Givers, we are in automatic pilot when we are in the midst of the "doing."  We are constantly in reactive mode.  Ready to jump at any time, day or night.  Rarely do we sleep; one ear is always open.   The stress I experienced was so intense that I could feel my inner self shaking; it became a "normal" feeling.

From my experience, we care givers forget about ourselves.  Folks tell us, "take care of yourself."  But no one tells us how or comes forward to carry some of the burden so we CAN take care of ourselves.

I don't know how I could have cared better for myself with my circumstances.  I feel many care givers who are in the thick of caring for a loved one have high stress too and are lost.  I don't have a solution to offer.  Unfortunately, based on my personal experiences, no one cares about the care giver, not family, not doctors ... no one.  It is lonely and difficult to cope with the burden of being a care giver for someone who is terminally ill.

Nursing home wait lists do not exist.  You may be told that you are on a wait list but when you call to see if there's a bed available, the same answer is parroted,  "No, sorry, no bed available."

All nursing homes are alike.

Just because we place our loved one in a facility doesn't mean our care giving duties are over.  It's important to stay involved with the care being provided.  Creating a happy environment for our loved ones takes work, it requires everyone to communicate.

I spent 7 months at the nursing home; every day I visited.  At the beginning of my mom's stay, I was at the nursing home both day and night.  My mission was to educate folks on Lewy Bodies Dementia and show them techniques on how to communicate with my mom to ease her agitation.  It was a struggle. I did not give up.

Fortunately, I was heard.  I wrote a lot of letters.  Changes occurred.  The nurses who are part of my mom's care team are phenomenal.   We communicate.

I am grateful for Mom's nursing home.  Unable to visit Mom for 10 days, the staff at the facility stepped up their game.  Mom was okay, she was not agitated; thanks to the homeopathic remedies she is given every day.  She lost about 7 pounds while I was sick. I couldn't make and bring her sandwiches.  The facility gave it a good effort, they made her sandwiches that she didn't like.

Mom has declined since I got sick.  She always seems to fall asleep when I visit these days.  She can't walk as far as she once was able to walk, her legs are sore.  She doesn't really recognize me; it makes me sad.  She does recognize my voice when I call out to her when I see her, "Hi Ma!"  I exclaim in a happy voice.  "Where are you?"  She replies with eyes closed as I am standing in front of her.

As for me, I am going to live.  I finally decided to see an MD to get myself checked since being in the hospital.  Not sure where to turn, I visited the only medical doctor on this planet that I trust... my mom's doctor.  I saw him yesterday and he told me that I am on the right track.

I've been using food as medicine on myself.  I feel better.  I am choosing to keep my gall bladder and doing everything that I can to solve my digestion issues.  Acupuncture, Reiki and Massage Therapy are helping me to heal and release the stress that I had built up over so many years as my mom's care giver.

I have learned how important the liver and gall bladder are to good health.

I have given up coffee, alcohol, dairy and all gluten.  I am done eating processed foods, nor do I eat out in restaurants.

The pain in my right shoulder is gone.  I am sleeping at night again.  No more night sweats and hot flashes.  I have lost 26 pounds since I got out of the hospital.  I feel better.  My cloths fit again.  I am on the mend.

If I had this to do over again, I would not waste my time visiting nursing homes and getting on a wait list.  Wait lists do not exists; not when the home realizes the patient has Lewy Bodies Dementia.  I would visit homes that have beds available and pick one on the spot.  I have learned that all facilities are the same, what makes the difference is the patients advocate and family visiting their loved one once they are placed.

The false hope of a bed opening "soon" was torture.  I waited a long time.  The waiting was hard and made more difficult by family that didn't understand the burden I was carrying alone.  It was hard to forgive, but I have forgiven everyone. Not sure if I will be forgiven but at this point in my life, I don't care, the ball is out of my court.  I can't control how anyone in my family reacts to the tragedy of our mom's terminal illness or me.  All I can do is take care of me the best that I know how because this journey with my mom is not over yet. Mom still needs me.

08 March 2012

My Cure For White Coat Syndrome

I am feeling better; finally pain free!  I still have my gall bladder.

My blood pressure has returned to normal.  I stopped taking Cordyceps which I had been taking to keep my blood pressure low and my cholesterol good.  

Today, I woke up and prepared breakfast for myself.  I took my blood pressure and it was 143/84.  I had a little headache so I decided to eat a small stalk of celery.

Within 5 minutes, I took my blood pressure again and it was down to 117/74.  

Celery is amazing.

It is a natural nerve tonic.  It has chemicals in it that flush stress from the body and relaxes the blood vessels so blood can pump without extra work for the heart.

I have witnessed the power of celery first hand.

Take the celery test yourself.

Take your blood pressure.  Eat one stalk of celery.  Take your blood pressure again.

Celery, it lowers my blood pressure.  It keeps me calm.  I can assure you, the next time I visit a doctor, I will be seen munching on a celery stick in the waiting room.  Finally, a cure for "White Coat Syndrome!"

06 March 2012

The Celery Cure for High Blood Pressure

My blood pressure is gradually coming down.  It had gone up 10 points a day while I was in the hospital.  It is coming down by 10 points every day now that I am home.

One of the things that I had learned while caring for my mom is the power of celery.  It lowers blood pressure fast.  I have been eating a lot of celery lately.  If you feel your blood pressure rising, eat some celery.

In the hospital, my husband remembered the celery cure for high blood pressure.  We asked the dietitian for a stick of celery.  She looked at us like we were nuts and told us that they don't have celery.

I am grateful that I cared for my mom all those years.  It's because of my experiences with my mom that I am able to help myself today.  All the the time I sacrificed is allowing me to help me to save my life.

I love my mom; demented and still able to help me.

04 March 2012

I Am Alive! I Survived the Hospital.

The last seven days of my life have been like one out of a science fiction horror movie; the kind that made me lose sleep at night when I was a little girl.

I never had the Gall Bladder surgery, my blood pressure was crazy.  No matter how many pharmaceutical drugs I took, nothing worked.  My surgery was on again, off again.  The first time it was cancelled was because of my blood pressure.  The plan was that I would go home, get my blood pressure under control and then schedule the surgery.  

I had a fever like I have never had in my life Monday night into Tuesday; surgery... ON.

Everyday, I watched my blood pressure rise by 10 points.  Nothing was working.  

Everyday, the Pharma Goon Squad came into my room and lectured me on managing my blood pressure.  

"I DO!  I just don't do it with pharmaceuticals.  I see a Naturopath Doctor, he recommends alternatives that are working for me.  I couldn't take my supplements because I was vomiting bile."  I attempted to explain how I care for myself.  

It was as though I had no voice and no say about ME!  I was chained to a bed with an IV needle in my arm.  Pumping me full of fluids, continuously, Sodium Chloride.  My fingers were swelling like balloons.  I had to take off my wedding ring.

"Hey, do you think pumping all this Sodium Chloride into me is causing my blood pressure to go up?  Too much Sodium Chloride is known to raise blood pressure."  I asked the nurse.

"Oh no, it's different.  It won't raise your pressure."  She answered like a trained monkey.  It made no sense to me, sodium, is sodium.

My surgery was cancelled at the last minute because my blood pressure wouldn't come down.  It was 200/100 and rising.  The surgeon feared that I would die on the table.  

"Ok.  Fair enough, when can I get out of this hell hole?"  I asked.

Let me tell the story of how we got to where I am today, it is all true... every word.

Sunday, the ER folks did a great job to keep me comfortable.  The ER Doctor was awesome.  He gave me confidence.  

Gall Bladder pain is the worst pain I have ever experienced.  It lasted about 13 hours.  The nurses who cared for me were amazing, they all made sure that I was pain free.  God love them for that... please.

Monday, I woke up and that's when the Blood Pressure lectures began.  Every one lectured me... no one would listen.

I have one lapse in judgement and everyone thinks I am "one of those junk food junkies" and needs to be on pharmaceuticals.   It is unheard of to have someone without at least one pharmaceutical that is taken for one thing or another.  It felt like the vultures where hovering over my bed when the students would come around every morning with the Hospitalists.

I asked the Hospitalists on Tuesday morning, "Doctor?  Am I going to live?"  I was serious.  He shrugged!  He SHRUGGED at me and walked away; no words of encouragement.   No wonder my blood pressure was elevating, I was being led to believe that I was going to die if I didn't do what they wanted me to do.

They wouldn't listen to me.

My blood was drawn and tested.  All tests were good, nothing weird.  My cholesterol, my blood sugar, everything was good.  Of course it was, I eat well and do my best to take care of myself.  I strayed one damn day and ate a fucking cheeseburger!  (excuse my language, it is the only word to express how angry I was with the hospital doctors not listening to me.)

The Cardiologist visited me on Tuesday afternoon and immediately pissed me off.  I didn't want to see him but they sent him anyway.  I felt as though I had no rights.

"I have 6 rules."  He starts out his conversation with me.

I was in pain; I had just been given a shot of dilaudid before he came into the room.  Thank God.

"Rule 1..." he continues as he stands at the foot of my bed and points his finger at me, "...YOU LISTEN!"  He commanded.

Are you kidding me?  I thought to myself.  I was in no mood for this right now.  I was not at my best, my thinking was now cloudy because of the pain med.  I laid there, he had me captive.

Laughing and joking, I only remember one other rule that made me feel so uncomfortable I didn't know what to say or do.

"Rule whatever... YOU will have sex three times a day!"  He said, making assumptions about my sex life.  My sex life was not what I was in the hospital for... it is my gall bladder dummy.

I was so mad at this point, I couldn't wait for him to get the hell away from me.  

My blood pressure went up.  

The nurses were freaking out, they all believed that I was going to stroke out or have a heart attack.  I saw the worry in their faces.  I wasn't sure if I was going to make it.  I started to believe that I was going to die.

I started to worry more.

My blood pressure went up.

More lectures were sprinkled throughout my stay... hmmm, wonder why my blood pressure wasn't going down?

It was time for an echo cardiogram.  The doctors were not finding any reason for my blood pressure going so high; off I went for the tests.

The technician was a big burly man.  He told me that he would make this test discreet and keep me covered while he pressed the ultrasound wand over and around my chest.  Great.


"OK.  Time to rip your cloths off!" He stated as he grabbed the top corner of my hospital gown and ripped open the snaps.  

I was shocked!

"You better not let my husband catch you!"  I snapped back.  

I didn't know what to do.  I didn't know how to handle this awkward situation.  Now, I had to lay on this table while this freaking weirdo rubs a thing that looks like a big dick all over my chest in my boobage area!  I wanted this to be over and fast.  I closed my eyes.

And the doctors wondered why my blood pressure wouldn't go down?

No one would listen to me.

About 4pm, I had another Gall Stone attack; one of my stones decided to pass.  Oh God!  I still had 30 minutes to wait for more pain med.  I broke out into a sweat.  I asked the nurse if she could cut me some slack.  

"Sorry Dear.  You have to wait."  She answered back.

I began to cry.  I didn't think I could make it.  I sucked it up.  I started to breath.  That's when I realized, I couldn't take deep breaths, I couldn't catch my breath!  I got more nervous.  The pain became more intense.  I thought I was going to pass out.

I prayed.  I began to miss my husband and feel regret for never having a honeymoon.  I cried.

The nurse came back.... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

My roommate was a 30 something young mom who had an appendicitis attack earlier in the day.  She had emergency surgery and was feeling better just when I was feeling my worst.  

"Do you mind if my family visits?"  The girl asks through the curtain.  I kept the curtain shut.  I didn't want to see anyone.

"No.  I don't mind."  I replied.

About 5 pm her family arrives.... her ENTIRE family.  Our room was small and very warm to begin with, add 10 or so people (including little kids); it quickly became like an oven.  

My head was pounding.  I felt like I was having a heart attack; gall bladder pain feels like a heart attack.

I had to pee. 

I couldn't get by the crowd.

I buzzed for the nurse and asked her to kick everyone out.  I couldn't handle it anymore.  It was like sitting in their family dinning room during one of their family visits.  It sucked.  Their conversation was annoying, especially the loud mouth with the big bellowing voice.  

Were these people for real?

I made my roommate cry.

I didn't care.

All the high blood pressure medicine that they gave me was the same medicine my mom was given.  I felt like I was my mother!  I was getting the same readings for my mom as they were getting on me.  I began to try and solve the problem.  "What's similar between Ma and me?"  I asked myself and thought about for hours while I laid in bed.

Could it be the gluten in the pills?  Maybe the medicine isn't being absorbed because I shook up my villi in my intestine by eating that big honking gluten filled roll with that big fat juicy cheeseburger?

I tried to talk to the doctors about my thought; no one would listen.  I was discredited and dismissed.

Wednesday, I was scheduled for surgery at 10:30 am.  I was given several injections of Heparin to prevent blood clotting; I have a DVT history.  Again, I was not allowed to drink water; I was thirsty.

4:30 am, the student doctor who visited me every morning; woke me up to lecture me about my blood pressure.  She would ask me a question and when I began to answer she put the stethoscope in her ears and took my blood pressure.  I was silenced.  

Her body language was crossed arms.  

"See your body language?  You are not listening to me.  I am the boss of my body.  You do understand that, right? "  I stated to the student doctor, waving my finger across her, showing her what I was seeing.

"Oh, it's early."  She answered.  

"What?  Please get out of here and do not ever come back.  You are part of the problem.  Get out!"  I screamed at the future doctor.

I did not want to see any of the Pharma Goon Squad that morning, I requested that they stay away.  

They did.

Surgery was cancelled.

I was discharged.

I am feeling much better.  

Fenugreek is making me feel better.  My first night home, I lost 12 lbs of water... I am now down 20 lbs since my hospital stay.  I had gained 13 lbs in 4 days while at the hospital.

Through out this experience, I thought of my mom.  I am grateful that I was there for her and acted as her voice.  We all need a strong voice to fight for us.  The majority of Doctors do not believe in natural medicine, period.  Doctors do not believe in including the patient as the head of the care team; it's my body, it's my life... why not?

My conclusion:  There's no profit in healthy people.  We have to speak up for ourselves.  We have the power of NO.