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21 December 2009

It Really Is a Great Day

Even though I heard through the grapevine today that there was a Rapture coming to end the world, who cares... I am having a great day!

My mom, she woke up.   Not until 8:45am, but she woke up, wide awake and only a little confused.  When she saw me she said, "Who's taking me home so that I can have my pills?"

"Right this way Josephine, your pills are over here, in this room."  We walked back to her bedroom and she sat in her chair.  She looked to the table where I keep her supplements and she said, "Oh...  there they are!  Isn't that amazing?" 

"Sure is Ma.  Funny how they can just appear, huh?"

We both laughed.

Dilly dallying along today my mother in law says, "Gee, don't you and your mom have an appointment with the doctor today?  There's a message on the answering machine."  I listen to the message.  It is now 9am.  "Hello.  This is Dr. B's office, Josephine and Susan have an appointment Monday morning at 10 and 10:30am.  Thank you."


Getting into high gear, I give my mom all her supplements and a yogurt with the choline powder.  I forgot to give her Ashwagandha.  I forgot her blood pressure and blood sugar readings.  All I could think was, Oh no, we have 30 minutes to get dressed and get out of here.

I instruct my mom to get ready.  She seemed to hear me.  I rushed off, took a shower, got dressed and rushed up to see how my mom was getting along.  Not too good.  She was sitting in her chair, laughing at TV, still dressed in her nightgown.

Of all days, she couldn't be up and dressed at the crack of dawn like she has been in the past.  I screwed up.  I didn't tell her about the appointment this morning.  Hell, I thought it was tomorrow!

We did make it out the door, only arriving 8 minutes late. 

It was a good visit.  My mom loves our ND.  I think she'd adopt him if she could.  Who knows, maybe she already has?  In any event, he has me giving her Choline 2 x's a day to see if it helps improve her memory and ability to find words.  Finding words is her biggest challenge these days.

The extra dose of Choline has appeared to help my mom.  I'm not totally sure because she is always in a good mood after seeing Dr. B.  I'll know as the week goes on.

In the meantime, I am grateful that we have a Naturopath Doctor who understands dementia in the elderly.  He's a Godsend, helping my mom to have more good days and nights.

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