I am not a doctor. I am providing information based on experiences that my mom has with natural remedies. The purpose of this blog is to help folks to educate themselves. Use this information with your own discernment.

01 December 2009

We Found the Purse

I knew we would find the purse.  We always find it. 

This time however my mom proclaimed, "Gee, I really hid that good."

In our Master Bedroom, the room that we had given to my mom, we have a very large closet with an EZ-Closet set up.  My mom loves the closet because she has little cubby holes to put her things.  The problem with the closet and my mom's form of dementia is now we have way more places for her to misplace items.

Once I found her purse today, tucked in a stack of towels, hidden very well, my mom was so excited that she kissed her purse.  Next, she had to check to make sure "they" didn't steal anything, like her 80 dollar mp3 player.

My mom is now happy.  I know it because she said, "Hey, that's one way to get my closet cleaned!" as she gave me a laugh.

My mom is still a little off today, but I see an improvement, especially since her purse was found.


  1. My dad, he's 92, has LBD too and I'm his caregiver. I Can relate to your mother and your story. I also cared for my mother who had AD, but passed in 2004. Great to see she has a sense of humor...it's wonderful when they have that, it makes life so much more bearable. I've enjoyed reading about the natural remedies because my father is not on alot of medications now and I hope to keep it that way. I have been altering his diet throughout the past year to suit the changes that the disease has brought on rather than medicate every last inconvenience. After all when we were babies our parents didn't medicate us when we woke up at night, they would get up with us. I treat him the same way. I don't pour poisons on my garden why would I do it to my Dad??
    Awesome job! People like you that have the courage to do it differently and talk about it are what make the world slowly change!

  2. Thanks Dorothy! If you see a Naturopath Doctor, he'll get him off ALL pharma meds and feeling much better. My mom has more good days than bad.

    I agree with everything that you write. My mom would do it for me, I must do it for her!!!

    Thank you for reading my blog.