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13 December 2009

My Mom's Phases of Lewy Bodies Symptoms

I've been watching and observing my mom and now that I have a list of phases that were compiled by past caregivers of loved ones who had Lewy Bodies Dementia, I can sort of know where we are with the progression of her disease.

Here's a link to the post that I had put up with regard to the phases of LBD.

My mom is showing Phase II and Phase III symptoms.   She had been showing some signs of Phase IV but  natural remedies, homeopathic remedies, diet and exercise appear to have backed off the symptoms so that she is now more in Phase II & III.

Phase II - Increased difficulty in:

* Finding words (aphasia)
* Organizing thoughts
* Reading & comprehension
* Following TV programs
* Operating home appliances
* May be able to administer own medications.
* Able to follow content of most conversations
* Able to be left unsupervised for two or more hours
* Delusions
* Capgrass Syndrome (seeing or thinking there are two persons or objects)
* Depressed mood
* Paranoia
* Agitation
The Phase III Symptoms that she has are:

* Ambulation/transfer s are impaired, needs assistance with some portion of movement

* At risk for falls
* Increase of Parkinson’s symptoms
* Increase of autonomic dysfunctions
* Needs assistance/supervision with most ADLs. May require DME
* Frequent episodes of incontinence (two+ per week)
* Speech becomes impaired, projection (volume) may decrease
* Able to follow content of most simple/brief conversations or simple commands
* Able to be left unsupervised less than one hour
* Unable to work
* Unable to drive
* Unable to administer medication without supervision
* Unable to organize or participate in leisure activities
* Increased confusion
* Possible delusions & Capgrass Syndrome
* Inability to tell time or comprehend time passing
* Increased difficulty with expressive language
* Mood fluctuations (depressed, paranoid, anxious, angry) requiring medical monitoring
* Severity of symptoms may increase or decrease

It's sad watching my mom decline.  Often I'm left feeling helpless and wonder if we'll be able to hold her steady and keep her disease from progressing further. 

I do know that the Naturopath Doctor's prescribed treatment for my mom is working.  It's giving her more good days than bad ones, which is all we can ask for with this horrible disease of the brain.  We need to keep holding on to the positive, happy thoughts ... living in the NOW is all the Caregiver can do to help their patient(s.)

However, living in the NOW is so easy to say, it sounds good, it sounds progressive, it even sounds logical; but for some reason it's really hard to think of the moment you are in right NOW.  We are constantly planning, what are we going to do in 5 minutes, an hour... what's for dinner?  What will I wear tomorrow?  What appointments do I have to keep this week... our to do lists are long.  We are conditioned to live outside of NOW because of our busy lives and our responsibilities. 

How do we live in the NOW when we are so busy doing and thinking of things in the future?  I do have an answer that seems to work for me.  I won't tell anyone my answer yet, I'd like to know what you all do to stay in the current moment so that you can enjoy life that's happening all around us?


  1. Thanks Violet - hopefully we can all avoid this illness. If not, at least now we can recognize issues long before critical health is reached.

  2. Keep up your positive attitude and the good work you are doing as a caregiver. This weekend saw a documentary 'I Remember Better When I Paint" on dementia how caregivers are using the creative arts and its positive impact. The caregivers in the film really inspired me - you all have such courage.

  3. Thanks Scott. Every day is an adventure. I'll have to see that documentary!