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18 December 2009

Update on Savita the Cat's Surgery

Savita did well with her surgery.  She was alert and awake not very long after the procedure.  Dr. Janice told me that she did amazingly well for having 16 teeth extracted.  The cat has a bone infection in the back of her mouth where her infected molars had been. 

Oh boy, we get to squirt antibiotics down the cats throat every day. 

Wouldn't it be something if the surgery turned my near ferrel cat into a mild kitty who liked to be patted with your hands and not only feet?  Savita, she allows pats to the head with feet but if a hand  tries... don't say you were not warned.

Savita ate an entire can of cat food this morning.  The vet told me that if she eats not to give her the pain meds.  So, I'm not going to give her the pain medication, she ate more than she has eaten in a long time, she must be feeling pretty good. 

The kittens are anxious for her to play chase with them down the long hall.  I can see it happening one day soon.  I'll feel like we crossed the chasm of Cat Hell when I see the three of them playing and sleeping together.

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