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05 December 2009

Day 3 - Mom Appears to be Normal

It's been 3 days now that my mom has taken the thyroid med that our Naturopath prescribed to her.  It's not a quick happening over night magic trick with my mom.  Initially, she showed some improvement but it leveled off. 

She slept until 5:30 this morning, longer than she has been sleeping and she hasn't complained about being cold.  The thyroid pill makes her feel better so she likes to get up and take it as soon as possible.  I'm hoping that the pill will help clear up her confusion and ability to use the TV Remote Control herself. 

My day is broken into 30 and 60 minute bits because I need to make sure my mom's got something on TV that she wants to watch.  During the week it's easy, there's one channel that shows old sitcom reruns that make her laugh.  I have the channels memorized and know what's on when. 

I've found an internal alarm is triggered with out even looking at a clock.  I know when the channel needs to be changed and I know what her choices for that hour are. 

What has my life become with this damn TV?

It's really not bad.  It helps me to break my Care Giving Project into manageable chunks.  It gives me a task that I can check off a list, even if it is only a mental list; checking off something as done gives one a sense of satisfaction. 

Never completing a task is like living in hell.

My mom's passion for TV and her ability to follow along with out the characters on the screen popping out and becoming real in her room, is a blessing for both of us.  I believe it's the combination of her treatment, MIND.  BODY.  SPIRIT. 

The combination of the three aspects of life, MIND, BODY and SPIRIT appears to be restoring my mom's health.  She looks really good these days. 

Her body is how it was 40 years ago when I was a little girl, except now her skin has pruned a bit with age.

In order to help her mind, my mom is taking natural herbal supplements that are prescribed by our Naturopath Doctor. 

In addition, I use hypnosis techniques with her every day in order to relax her mind.  I bring in the Universal Healing Energies with my personal form of Reiki.  I've noticed that when she's relaxed she has more good days.

For her body, she adher's to a strict diet that has no preservatives, no gluten, no bread, no pasta, nothing that looks like a paste if you cook it too much.  Even rice gives her trouble as well as potato and eggplant.  Our diet is the Mediteranean diet, it works really well for her.  She enjoys the flavors from my food art.

My mom, she does attempt to exercise, Wii Fit helps.  Somedays she just doesn't feel like doing it and nothing that I do can convince her to get up and move. 

Today is one of those days... today, I'll let her relax.  Tomorrow she is going out with my sister.  I'm looking forward to it, not just for a few hours off but for my sister to benefit from my mom's cognitive improvement.


  1. We got my Dad the wii and he does really well with it. There are definitely days he doesn't want to do it so he enjoys watching us play. Eventually he'll give it a go... most of the time.

  2. The balance game with the balls is really a good one. I think it helps my mom to walk better with out losing her balance.

    Our Wii fun with our parents will be one of those memories that makes us smile when we are seniors.