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08 December 2009

My Life with Ma and Adolescent Kittens

It's now the 6th day with the thyroid supplement.  My mom appears much better.  She didn't wake up hallucinating, which is always good.  Around 4:30a she got up to use the bathroom but couldn't find it.  She greeted me at the top of the stairs, "Hey, where's the bathroom in this place?" 

I led her back to her room and showed her where the bathroom was hiding.  She used it and went right back to sleep.

Not so for me however, remember those kittens I posted about a couple of weeks ago?  Well, they're getting older and at 4 months old started DOING IT on my bed, between my sleeping husband and me! 

Today, I am calling the vet and setting up an appointment for their Spay and Neutering.  Kittens having kittens is just wrong.  The kitten can't be old enough to carry a healthy litter and well, maybe it will slow horn ball kitty down a bit once he's neutered.

Horn ball kitty, also known as Sammy Davis.

The other day the litter box needed to be changed, it was not acceptable to the kittens.  Sammy Davis saw this little pile of fresh litter on the floor.  Sammy, decides to take a dump on the floor, in that little tiny pile of fresh litter on the floor. 

Wasn't pretty.  He stepped in it and began tracking his stinky poop on the floor. 

My husband, he cleaned him up and the mess on the floor.  But Sammy still smelled.  I began calling him Stinky.  My husband, he doesn't like that name. 

I say, if the paw fits...

Yesterday, Sammy aka Stinky jumped up on me after he left his litter box.  Ewwwwwwwwwwwww!  I noticed some poop on me.  Gawd... this is not fun.  Suprisingly, I didn't gag.  I just took the kitten and brought him to the sink to clean him up.  Pe-ew!

That's when I noticed the caked on poop on his paw.  Near gaging, I picked little Sammy up and turned on the sink faucet with warm water.  I gave him a bath, washing the crap off him.  I sang a song to him, "Stinky Paws" that I had made up.  A sing songy tune to help the cat relax.

The song, didn't work out so well.

The kitten got nervous and attempted to flee before I could wipe him down with a towel.  Fortunately, I am bigger and won the battle.

No more stinky cat, just a little horny kitten that wants to sew his oats before his baby teeth have fallen out.

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