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29 December 2009

Special Delivery for Ma

Marty, I told you all I love Marty.  Yesterday he came through for me, he visited our mom.  Just like a Postal Worker moto, Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

It snowed and rained yesterday.  It was a nasty night, but Marty came to visit after work anyway, the weather didn't keep him away, just like a good Postal worker.  He came to the house to deliver Ma her present... it wasn't in the box that he brought her, it was the gift of himself. 

Marty called at 3pm to talk to Ma.  He told her that he was coming to see her after work.  Starting at about 3:20 pm my mom began pacing and looking for Marty. 

"Where is he?  Do you think he's OK?" She asked with her mothering tone of voice.  My mom, she has always been a worrier, especially where her kids are concerned.  The big bursts of snow didn't help stop her worry.

I assured her that Marty was OK, that he was coming, that he wouldn't be here until 6pm or a little after.  My mom, she wouldn't eat dinner, not until Marty got here.  She behaved like my little girl, not my mom, I'd give her choices as to what she could have for dinner and it was NO, NO, NO.  She wanted to wait for Marty just in case he was hungry, I could cook him dinner.  Oh, I love my mom.  Of course I would eagerly cook anyone dinner, if your eating, I'm cooking.

Marty arrived, we could hear him pull into the driveway.  My mom, she didn't hear him, she stopped looking out the window when it got dark. 

Opening the door, I saw my brother, my little brother, the brother I have always loved.  Something about Marty, you can't help but love him.  I thought I was going to cry, but I didn't.  I held in the happy tears, the tears of joy that he was bringing me.  The gift of his time is more precious and valuable than any present money could buy.  It was great giving my brother a hug at my door.

I showed him up to Ma's room.  We have moved her upstairs since he was here last.  Marty walked in to my mom's room and she was sleeping in her chair, waiting.  She saw him come through the door and she jumped up and gave him a big "HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!" with her arms spread open for a hug.  She was really happy to see Marty. 

Marty brought her a gift, a new robe, a smaller robe that fit her perfectly.  Good job picking out the robe Marty, you not only have a big heart, you have really good taste in clothing too.

Ma was tired so she started to hallucinate when Marty was here.  She asked me about the girl in the bathroom.  I asked her if she was bothering her.  She said, "No, I'm just afraid she's going to steal my stuff."  She is always worried about being robbed in her bedroom by her hallucinations which she believes are real.  I gave her some Helleborus to help chase the visions away.

I visited with Marty too.  I felt like I was going to bust out crying from happiness.  I even said, "Gee, I feel like I'm going to cry."  Marty looked at the clock and said, "7 o'clock, time for Susie to cry!"  Followed by a brief burst of laughter.  I don't think my mom got the old joke, but Marty and I did.  He made me laugh when I thought I was going to cry. 

On Marty's way out I overheard him say to my mom, "Do you want me to give that girl a ride and get her out of here?"   I walked away but didn't hear my mom's reply.  Ma walked Marty down the hall and as they walked by Rachel's room, my mom said to Rachel, "Here's my good looking son."  My mom, so proud, so happy that her son was here with her and she had someone to "show him off" to.  Again I felt like I was going to shed a few tears of joy, my mom was very excited and happy, I think Marty was too.

Christmas 2009 is the year I realized that I have family, lots of family.  Old, young and all ages in between, I have family.  My heart is full, I have an even bigger family than I thought, my family is coming back, they haven't forgotten Ma and me. 

I love my family, all of you.  Thank you for sharing your lives with me.

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