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15 March 2010

Don't Worry, I Called the Dream Master

After today's mis-adventures with my mom in the torential rain, I knew that I needed to assure her that everything was great. 

Her day was fine, after she had a nap for a few hours.  I let her sleep for 3 hours after she walked a mile up the hill, in the torrential rain, carrying her kleenex box, with trash trucks picking up trash.  Yes, my mom has one of those tales to tell and it's true.

Tonight when I tucked her in she was in good spirits.  I said to her, "Oh, by the way, don't worry, I called the Dream Master today.  I told him to cut you a break and cancelled your dreams.  I asked how many points I needed. 

My mom looked at me and said, "Oh, can I pay him?  How much does it cost?"

I said, "Oh no Ma, it's not money that we pay with, it's good deed points.  You know how easy that is for me (my mom shook her head in agreement.)  I promise the Dream Master that I'll do extra good deeds so that you have many good nights sleep in a row.   It's sort of like Karma but for dreams.  I have this special way to reach the Dream Master.  I can call from any phone.  Even phones that have no dial tone, I can use.  See your phone right there?  I use that one for emergencies, when we need to cancel one immediately."

My mom, wide eyed and excited says, "Oh, well that is really great.  Thank you dear, good night.  What time are you waking up tomorrow.  Come and wake me, OK.  I'll wake up with you.  Sleep good.  I'm going to sleep good.  I love you."

"Good night Ma, Sleep with God.  You will have awesome dreams about dad and Ed and your brother Auggie and your mom and sister...your father."

"Oh!  He'll probably hit me!"  she said to me half laughing about her dad who used to chase Uncle Al all over the place so that he could beat him (that's Uncle Al's view of him.)

"Hit you?  What for?  He's going to hold you and hug you and love you... kiss you and spoil you, just like he did when he was alive.  You know how he spoiled you, you were his baby."  I said to my mom, matter of factly, exactly as she told me this story time and time again all my years growing up.

With a little laugh and a cute little smile, my mom says, "You're probably right.  He did spoil me, I was his favorite, he bought me really nice dolls, big dolls."

As I shut off the ligths in her room I said, "Good night Ma, sleep well, sleep with God and I'll see you in the morning."

"Good night dear... can you leave the hall light on?" She asked in a voice that reminded me of the days when I was afrraid of the dark and what lurked in the shaddows. 

"Sure Ma.  I'll leave it on.  Good night.  I'll see you in the morning, it will be a great day!"  I said as I walked from her room and to my room to retreat for the evening.  Ahhhhhh, peace at last.  Thank God for the Dream Master and magic phones.

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  1. Its amazing how minds work. She can be here and not here at the same time. Sleep tight!