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01 March 2010

Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothing lasts forever. 

Three words my dad always would say during those times when I was a bit down.  He would tell me that no matter how bad something seemed, time always made it less troubling.  He taught me to focus on the thought that tomorrow is a new day, a better day.... often he'd say, "Susie, wait a minute, things will change... nothing lasts forever."

Yesterday was one of those days where my dad would have given me his words of wisdom, words that always comforted me... made me feel better.  It was a rough one for me yesterday, mostly because I was exhausted.  My mom and hot flashes being the culprit to my lost hours of sleep.

Fortunately, I have a sister who is always there to help me when I need it the most.  I called her at 8:20am, hoping not to call too early on a Sunday morning.  It wasn't too early for her.  She had plans yesterday but she had me bring my mom to her house anyway so that my nephew Scott could sit with her. 

My mom, she enjoyed her day with her Grandson.  He played online poker and my mom watched and told him not to fold when he was going to fold... "Diamonds are coming up" she said to him, "hold out.  You have diamonds."  Sure enough, diamonds came up and my nephew won the hand.

Scott made her lunch.  My mom loved it.  My sister brought her home at 5pm.  She was still a bitch toward me.  I said, "Ma, why are you so bitchy toward me?"  My sister said, "Sue!  She's not a bitch."  My mom pipped in, "Oh yes I am a bitch!"  We all started to laugh. 

A few hugs and some Rescue Remedy helped my mom get over her angst.  After my sister left, my mom was digging through her purse and said to me, "I'm going to be pissed."  I said, "Pissed?  About what?"  "I don't know" she said, "I just know I'm going to be pissed."

I couldn't help myself.  I laughed and then my mom cracked a smile and laughed.  She never got pissed.  She calmed down and my dad's words of wisdom were once again coming true... Nothing lasts forever, except of course diamonds.


  1. You're dad was right, eventually all things change. The phrase I always try to hold on to is, "This too shall pass." It sums it up beautifully for me.

    This -- meaning WHATEVER it is that's bothering you

    Too -- meaning ALSO, indicating that that WHATEVER, is not the only trial in life

    Shall - meaning it might not be today, but is WILL someday

    Pass -- meaning it will move on out of your sphere and out of your life

    Short, sweet, clear, and very, very hopeful. It helps put anything into perspective.

    It's gotten me through a lot and its something I usually say to others going through their own hell on earth.

    As you no doubt know, it comes from the Bible, which gives the message a provenance that is impeccable. That gives it a veracity that may help some folks even more.

    As for me, I just think the words are the most hopeful I've ever heard.

    (Ooops, I didn't mean to get all preachy! Anyone who knows me could tell you I the most unlikely person in the world to get all preachy! Sorry....)

  2. Your father seems like a very smart man, full of wisdom. I constantly remind myself during troubling times of that statement. I'm very glad to hear you had back up for the day. You DO need to take care of yourself as well.