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23 March 2010

Hallucinations and Dairy Link in LBD Patient

I checked my mom's blood sugar when she began hallucinating last night.  Her reading was 100, well under 125 blood glucose that when crossed brings on hallucinations in my 80 year old mom with Lewy Bodies Dementia.  She's a recovering diabetic.

The only thing that she did yesterday was have half and half, a dairy product, in her coffee around 3pm.  Dairy seems to be the culprit to her night disturbances and hallucinations.  It seems to bring on hallucinations during the day.  Anytime she has coffee with dairy, I can be sure that I will be looking for the man or the lady in her room.

Today my mom hasn't hallucinated at all.  She had lactose free milk with her oatmeal; this doesn't seem to give her a problem.

My mom, I'm having her make Golumpkies today, she is excited to kick me out of the kitchen.


  1. Golumpkies in Finnish (single)


    I love kaalikääryle! :)


  2. Wish I could share some with you... they were delicious.