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26 March 2010

More Good Days

Day upon day... all good days.  Amazing is not even a word that's good enough to describe my mom's condition, she appears to be improving.

Now, I know that everyone tells me that there's no cure, that there's no hope for my mom, that she will only decline.  Lots of folks believe that I'm wasting my time, others believe that I'm setting myself up for a big let down because Alzheimer's, what my mom was diagnosed, has no cure.

I do have a dream that my mom lives another 20 healthy years.  I visualize my mom healthy, happy and driving her car again.  I see her going to the supermarket with a list of items to buy so that I can make dinner.   I see myself as a Sales Engineer again, on the road, travelling here and there, making money while my mom stays home and holds down the forte.  I have a dream that we will have more good days that turn in to every day is a good day.

If my readers have not noticed, I do not give up when I believe in something strongly.  I believe that the body can heal itself, I believe that my mom is healing.  She's lost almost 100 pounds since we moved and she'd lost her mind.  Her diabetes is cured, never do we worry about spikes and drops in blood sugar that made her feel very sick for so many years.  It was a rollercoaster battle that was slowly killing my mother.

Gradually my mom is improving. 

Diet change works, infact it's key.  Doctors do start out telling folks to lose weight and exercise.  Where most doctors fall flat is that they don't tell patients how to live a healthy lifestyle; instead we are all asked to "try this new pill" or worse we go in to the doctor expecting to ask for a certain pill that we believe will "fix us."  Fortunately there are doctors out there like Dr. La Puma, Chef MD and Dr. Tirman.  Their cookbooks are instructional and have helped me to help myself and my family.  We are all healthier and it's freaking awesome.

This morning I showed my mom video that I had taken over the course of the last 2 years, she didn't recognize herself, she was so heavy.  She even looked like she was having trouble breathing... I never noticed it until today when I watched the video of my mom singing with Uncle Al in my living room.  Her breathing appeared labored.

Supplements are helping my mom in conjunction with natural and healthy food.  Today, my mom is having another good day.  I believe in miracles and to me, every good day that my mom has is a miracle.  I have hope.  I believe we are taking my mom out of the Lewy Bodies grip. 

More good days... DEFINITELY!

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  1. GREAT! Wow! Enjoy!

    I came to say bye, bye for a while - I'm busy packing and then going to have relocation break!
    See you again in April!
    Take care!