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14 March 2010

Think Wisely

Life after death.  How do we know there is a life after death?  What if the mind creates this belief  as a safety, a precaution to help us preserve our life?  What if this is all there is, that there's nothing else, that we have only one life... this one and it's up to us to make the most of it now... not eons from now when we possibly could reincarnate as someone else.

Our mind creates illusions

No one really wants to die, saving our life is a hardwired survival instinct.  We all have it and our survival mode will kick in when necessary, as adrenalin pumps through our veins, we find the strength to save ourselves or those that we love, like our children.

I believe that the reason people have children is because they want a part of them to live on, they are creating an image of themselves.  It's the love of self that is the driving force behind people having children. 

Love is what makes the world go round. 

Love of self, love of your mini-you's... mold our lives.  There's nothing wrong with loving yourself, as long as you don't do it in public.  I believe you could get arrested for that act. 

We are conceived, we live, we die.  We don't really know if there's anything more, all we can do is have faith in a religion that tells us what happens to us or we imagine it based on things we've read and learned for ourselves along the way. 

We can use our imaginations and dream of past live, what it was like, what we did, what caused us to have our phobias in this life time...  that is if there is such a thing as past lives.

Do we create our own past lives to help explain away our odd behaviors in the NOW?

Today I was pondering the thought of mind, which I believe the mind does have the power to create and manifest; all of our beliefs are confirmed by our mind.  The secret of life is in the mind.

But... does the mind also hold the power to create who we were and who we will become now and forever ... until the beginning and end of time?

Thoughts from the heart of the mind create our realities.  Think wisely.


  1. Here is a kind of life after death you can be sure of...

  2. its like Ed said, "when your dead, your dead."