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17 March 2010

Happy Birthday Brian!

Today is not only St. Patrick's Day, it's also the love of my life's birthday! 

My mom, she's spending the day with her grandson Scott and my sister Donna.  This morning I'll take my mom to my sister's house and she'll play poker... or better yet, watch Scott play poker online.  She LOVES watching his hand and recommending what she thinks he should do.  When she does... Scott wins and it's a big thrill for both of them. 

My mom, she's all dressed and ready to go. 

Brian is getting to sleep in... sleep is his favorite pasttime.  I'll come home and we'll go out for pizza, his favorite food and then we'll go to the driving range on this awesome day and hit buckets of golf balls. 

I had hoped to get us out on a golf course, one with long par 4 and 5's on them so that we could walk and walk ... soaking up the sounds of nature and the glow of the green fairways.  Spending time together, away from everything; golf courses are a slice of heaven to us because no one can find us. 

But... we had way too much rain over the last several days and everything is flooded.  Walking around on a soggy golf course doesn't sound like a fun time.

But all of this doesn't matter, what matters is we have an incredible day weatherwise, my mom is spending the day with my sister and nephew and I get to spend quality time with my best friend in the entire world... my husband on the most special day of the year (besides my birthday of course.) 

Happy Birthday Sweetie... I love hanging out with Birthday people because they have Birthday Magic action and something great always happens.


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