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07 March 2010

One Opinion About Pharmaceutical Drugs

Have you ever wondered why natural remedies are poo poo'd?

I wonder about this every time someone disregards the idea of using natural remedies instead of pharmaceutical drugs, synthetic drugs that are often designed after the natural remedy in the first place. I'd consider a strong reason for the negative remarks is that natural remedies require training; it's not an exact science like pharmaceutical drugs that are manufactured in a laboratory. Natures medicine is much harder to prescribe because every human is different and some remedies work for one person but not another. Naturopath Doctors can help you work out a good health plan that will bring balance back into your life.

People are told by professionals that natural remedies aren't safe. We hear an argument that the natural herbs that we can grow ourselves to treat our ailments are not "pure." We are told they will hurt us. We are led by fear into a belief that is false. Natural remedies are safer than the pharma drugs that most people are willing to ingest. Nature’s medicine has been around for thousands of years, tried and true. How about that new pharma drug with the crazy name?... We’re lucky they get fully tested before they are put on the market.

TV commercials fill our homes telling us about some new pill and to ask our doctor if it's right for us. Over and over, we see happy smiling people, skipping through fields, or a couple sitting in a bathtub because the husband just took a boner pill ... all a load of crap, marketing and manipulation at its finest.

Why do pharmaceutical companies advertise their drugs? Just like an illegal drug dealer, they're after one thing, to get money, your money and my money… they want the power to rule. In my opinion, we are prey to the Pharmaceutical predators who want us to be consumers of their products; legal drug pushing, in my opinion. There's money in pharmaceuticals, there isn't money in promoting that people can be healed through foods and natural supplements, supplements that work… food that you can grow yourself!

It's no wonder that pharmaceutical drugs are the 3rd largest killer in this country. Pharma drugs kill, they are dangerous, more dangerous than Natural Remedies that often are dismissed by traditional doctors as quackery.

How does one navigate the many supplements on the shelves in stores today? I INSIST that everyone have a Naturopathic Doctor in their healthcare provider list of doctors. The ND knows the herbal remedies; they understand that the body has the power to heal itself through proper nutrition.

Slow and easy is the ND's motto. Gentle. Food is our first line of defense against all illness and Naturopath Doctors will tell you this fact. Herbal and Homeopathic remedies, they are companion treatments, natures medicine that do not put you on a monthly subscription plan. Eventually, you may be able to stop taking the natural supplement because the body healed.

Natural Remedies and Homeopathic Remedies should be considered when treating any illness of the human body. Natural Remedies get a bad rap. I could never understand why doctors insisted on drugs to bandage a problem instead of getting to the root cause of the illness.

For as long as I can remember, the idea of bandaging a problem instead of going to the cause, seemed insane and now, after caring for my mom, it IS INSANITY to believe in pharmaceuticals as the end all solution. It's not.

I will say, pharmaceuticals do have a place and they should be used as a last resort, not a first response solution to a new health issue. What I have observed through the years with my mom, as I watched her become more and more ill on all the new pharma drugs that were being prescribed, her diabetes cholesterol and blood pressure were off the charts and impossible to treat. She was on so many high blood pressure medicines and none of them worked. The side effects of the drugs and the high numbers were bringing on other more serious issues with her internal organs.

She needed stents put into arteries, clogged arteries that were slowly cutting off her blood supply to her brain and other vital organs. Her kidneys were beginning to give her trouble. She had Congestive Heart Failure. Another episode, her heart was stopping and she had a procedure to install a pacemaker. We were losing my mom; the drugs were making her nuts and sick.

We spent lots of time in the Emergency Room of our local hospital, always in the middle of the night we found ourselves in the ER because my mom couldn't breathe or she was filled with so much fluid, she looked like the Goodyear Blimp. She hallucinated when she was given new drugs. Toprol XL made her act out her dreams; she'd fall and hit her head a lot. She'd run through the house screaming about the baby... she hallucinated a lot.

My mom, she was given a list of foods that she could not eat, she was given this list by nutritionist. She couldn't eat any REAL food; all had negative reactions with the pharma drugs that she was prescribed and ingesting daily.

Sugar free and processed foods remained on the list. My mother couldn't eat healthy because the drugs she was taking, the pure drugs, couldn't be taken with certain foods.

Do you ever wonder why? Why don't we just eat the real foods and throw away the pharma drugs until we really need them, as a last resort?

Food is medicine.

It's obvious that the drug companies know the power of food, why on Earth do you think they keep trying to tell us that natural remedies are bad... they're not pure... yadda yadda yadda... it goes on and on. Using suggestions, repeating them over and over again, with enthusiasm and emotion, we are told reasons why we need to ask our doctor if "xyz drug is right for you!"

Think about it the next time you see a pharmaceutical commercial, listen to the side effects and the happy sounding voice, the non-threatening voice which assures you through her tone that "it won't happen to you."

"Go ahead, try it ..." the commercials coax us, expert marketers using the power of our minds against us to take our freedom, to cause us to have to work and work to pay health bills that cause conditions, nasty expensive conditions to appear in the body, causing us lots of pain on so many levels.

My husband made an observation recently that made a lot of sense, he said, "Orwell in his book "1984" almost had it right, the TV isn't watching us, we are watching the TV and it is telling us all what to believe."

We are willingly relinquishing our power and our freedom through suggestions that our big beautiful TV's are piping through our homes.

I found a very good article that explains more and it can be found here "Doctor's, Patents and Natural Meds."

My next post, I’ll write about all the supplements I’ve researched, tried and the results.

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