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10 March 2010

Between Two Worlds

My mom, she believes that my deceased dad is visiting her and she is THRILLED and giddy with excitment.  She believes that he's got a High Priest job with God and my dad helps new dead souls adjust to having no Earthly body.  My mom is so proud of my dad and his job in Heaven.

The other day, she actually went out looking for Dad at 7:30 am.  She believes she saw him over the weekend at the supermarket parking lot conducting a ceremony on the top of the hill where the water tower stands.

Dad wasn't around on Monday, the day my mom went looking for him on the streets.  She was bummed.  She wanted me to take her to the supermarket parking lot to see if he was still there.  I couldn't break from work to take her.

Yesterday, dad returned! 

My mom informed me, "My husband, he's sleeping on the futon in the sunroom."   Excitedly she whisphered,  "He's right there! ...He stopped by for a quick nap, he's so tired.  God has him working over time, there are a lot of souls coming to heaven these days."

My mom spoke about my dead father as though there is no distinction between the living and dead.  My dad exists.  He's got a job.  He has a big house in heaven big enough for our entire family.  This house, it has lots of bathrooms.  My mom is looking forward to seeing the house that my dad built in Heaven after she feels that she's fulfilled her purpose here on Earth.

On our ride home from our errands yesterday I said to my mom, "It's about the time you saw Dad on Saturday, do you want me to drive through the Supermarket parking lot?  We're right here and you can see if you can see him."

My mom was thrilled but said, "he's not going to be there... he only has ceremonies on the weekends.  Let's go, I want to show you where I saw him."

"That hill over there, was covered with people in white robes.  They were all kneeling and praying.  Your father was walking through the crowd, moving his arms.  He turned and looked at me, he didn't say anything but he looked right at me.  It was so nice.  He's still crazy about me."  My mom talked about her vision of my dad as she became more convinced that my dad is alive, but not in an Earthly way, in my mom's mind, dad is walking between both worlds of the living and dead.

A lesson my dad taught me when my grandmother died in 1976 and I was mourning the loss of my Baci...  Dad explained life and death to me, "Sue, we can never be destroyed, not even by death.  We are made of energy and energy can never be destroyed.  Baci's body may be dead, but her soul, her life essence will always live on.  Because energy can't be destroyed, it's transformed... Baci and anyone else who dies, never really dies, they become something else... when we die our energy is transformed and lives on forever."

Who knew that just a few short years after Baci passed, my dad would become terminally ill and transform into the something else? 

Is it possible that my mom has vision between two worlds?

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