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11 March 2010

Ma Cooks

Ma is having a good day and she wanted to cook. 

She made Golumpkies - stuffed cabbage. 

She sang.  She laughed.  I laughed.  She used the wrong words and made us both laugh.

I tried one, it is not bad, not enough seasoning but that's how my mom likes things... bland.

Here's the video blog of Ma cooking - it's pretty cute.


  1. How cute is she?!!
    It's difficult to imagine the bad days when some of them are as fun as this one was. But I must ask you.
    Why haven't you ever cooked stuffed cabbage for your mother? LOL!


  2. Oh, but I DO make her Golumpkies, only not with the ingredients she wants me to use. She has told me that my food sucks during her bad spells with Lewy.

    She wants white minute rice and wheat gluten bread crumbs. She complains that I put fresh herbs in food, she never cooked with herbs...

    If I continued to eat the way my mom cooked for me most of my years growing up, I'd be a diabetic right now.