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13 March 2010

My Good Eye

Ever since last Saturday, when my mom saw my dad at the "healing on the hill" next to the Supermarket parking lot, my mom has told me that my dad healed her bad eye so that she could see the otherside and all the folks who have died. 

All week, she would tell me about the people looking over the fence or climbing the trees... "See them Susie?" 

Often she becomes upset when I tell her that I can't see what she is seeing.  It upset her to the point where it appears to build up and cause her night disturbances.

Now, since she told me how my dad healed her eye so that she can see everything that goes on where the dead go, I now can say... "Oh, you must be seeing the other side with your good eye."

Mom will now cover her left eye, her bad eye that my dad healed, looking with her right eye she'll often say, "Ohhhhh ya, you are right.  Isn't that something.  Now if I cover my other eye... (she covers her other eye with her hand)... see... I can see it!  Dad healed my eye so that I could see him through my new good eye, I can see dead people."


  1. Part of me thinks I might not mind having a "good" eye like that!

  2. I'm with you Mellodee... wouldn't it be nice to be able to see the people we love again?

    My mom has a cataract, I'm sure it's contributing to her "visions" but it's making her happy. When she's happy, I'm happy.

  3. i wonder if that's a left brain right brain thing. an indication of the healthier side.

  4. Hmmm... interesting idea, Joe.

    I do know that it's the eye that she has a cataract. Gram doesn't want to have it removed surgically. I don't blame her.

    I have learned that I have to allow her to make her own decisions about her body.

    Surgery ... the days leading up to it would more than likely cause her a lot of upset that would translate into sleepwalking or agitated/angry behavior (toward me.) She gets upset like that when she knows that she's got to see a doctor that she's never met or doesn't like. Surgery? Gawd... I don't know what would happen leading up and after.

    So... now she believes Gramps cured it and she can see dead people. The dead visitors make her happy, especially Gramps.