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04 November 2009

Very Good Article that Explains Lewy Bodies


  1. Sue,
    Thanks for dropping by. It seems we have much in common...
    We lost my precious mother in law two years ago to Alzheimers. I was a care giver along with my FIL. She had the disease for 16 years!!!
    The last 2 weeks she spent in an assisted living. I had broke my back. I feel bad to this day I couldn’t have been with her. I love her dearly! One of her last times she was at out home I invited my daughter to help bath her because I couldn’t bend. I lit candles, added bubbles and told her we were having a girl party and Natalie was going to help me...She innocently looked up from the tub and asked, “Oh, will mother be here?” Mom was 82 when she passed. They are so sweet and innocent...but it is so hard for them to forget all those who love them so dearly..

    Now my 87 year FIL is suffering from dementia and his body is starting to shut down... Some days he knows his children and on others he doesn’t. Sometimes he can use the rest room alone and on others he can’t.
    He was doing moderately alright until he fell and broke his pelvis in three places the first of August and spent 2.5 month in a nursing home.
    He calls me the wife or his mom! It is sweet. I am his main care giver of the family. He calls me and I am the go to person on his cell phone. Days, nights everything is so ski whopis in his brain. I try my hardest to figure out what he is trying to tell me. My heart aches for him. Aches for you! And all who go through this.
    Bless your heart and GOOD LUCK!

  2. Thank you for your thought-filled comment!

    Caregiving has it's sweet moments. I especially loved it a few days ago when my mom believed that she was going to die at night. When she woke up, she believed she was in heaven... because we had so many bathrooms.

    I am happy to have this time with my mom.