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30 November 2009

Success Principle Nine for the Care Giver: Action

All well and good that you are reading my articles about the Success Principles of Being a Care Giver, but unless you DO SOMETHING, you may as well do something else with your time.

Years ago I took Physics while in college and I learned about Kinetic Energy, it's the law that describes that anything in motion remains in motion.  While you are moving, you are able to work.  I like to call this "being on a roll."

The tough part is staying on the roll. 

Often there are interruptions to our routine which makes it nearly impossible to stay motivated.  I'd say this is the main reason I stop doing those things that help keep me moving.  Primarily it's exercise that I'm talking about here.  I've found through experience that moving and using my body is the best way to help myself.

Endorphins are released in the body when we exercise which helps you to feel calm.  Care Givers need all the calm energy that they can create.  You see, by moving, by keeping yourself in motion, you are creating the calm energy that you need to be a really awesome care giver.

From experience, I'm noticing that the more I exercise, the more calm I am.  I feel peace.  I am sleeping great at night.  Exercising MY body... who knew this would help my mom?

How do I work exercise in with Care Giving?

Wii Fit is the best invention, EVER for care givers.  It allows me to do a work out at home.  My mom watches and laughs her head off at times.  Even on her not so good days, once I use Wii Fit and the balance board, she laughs, bringing happier energy.  She feels better because of the peace we created through motion and laughter.  All Success Principles combined create the sweetest energy that makes Care Giving way easier and enjoyable.

Last week my mom and I were doing Wii Fit together. 

She had been using the treadmill but she kept dragging her feet.  I didn't see how that was helping to build any muscle in her legs, she was having trouble keeping up with me when we'd go shopping.  That's when I thought about the Wii Fit jogging feature.

My mom began running in place with her Mini-me a couple of weeks ago.  I run next to her, coaching her along the way.  Encouraging her, telling her that she's doing GREAT.... little bit further... etc.  She can only go half way and I finish the rest for her.  But, it does get her blood circulating and her heart rate up, both really important for her vascular health.

My mom sleeps better now that she's on an exercise regime.  Her mood is better too because she's got some endorphins flowing into her blood and brain.  She can walk longer distances now when we go out grocery shopping.  It's noticeable and she's only been on this plan for 2 weeks.

We had stopped the Wii game for several months and now that she's started using it again, she's having some fun.  Just last week she was doing ski jumps and sliding down a hill with skis - even though it was the mini-mi doing it on the TV screen, she got to laugh and felt like SHE was REALLY doing it.

The funniest moment we've had so far is last week we were jogging in place.  My mom was holding the Wii remote.  I was jogging along side her, coaching her.  I began to work up a sweat.  My mom's mini-mi was moving fast, I felt I needed to keep up.

I thought to myself, "Hey, wait a minute..."  I look down at my mom's feet.  They WERE NOT MOVING! She figured out that if she shook the remote, it would appear that she was running.  I caught her cheating with the exercise game.

We both laughed so hard when I busted her for cheating.  Especially when I had sweat coming down my face and she was cool.  My mom laughed so hard that she had to sit.

So... it's all about action.  Moving.  Doing something, anything, just get up and do it.  Even if you just do it for yourself, moving will keep you engaged with the world so when your Care Giving Project is over, it's easier for you to live the life of your dreams.



    Sorry for repeating the story about my mom cheating on the Wii Fit, but one day I hope to publish a Care Giver's Guide to Sanity - this story helps me to explain the Success Principle: Action.

  2. I love your blog. I'm not a caregiver. I just like your writing and sharing.

    As fabulous as you have done at shaking the indoctrination our culture has about food and supplements, I bet you would do well studying a little about exercise (yeah I know, in your 7 spare seconds a day!). While cardio like walking has some benefits, nearly all of them come from the muscle usage part of it. Anyone including your mom would probably be far more helped by (and less likely to ever be injured by) something that focused on muscle than motion. So for example if there is a game that requires more bending of the knees so the muscles of the thighs/buttocks are used, that would probably be better than a game that requires jogging. Just a suggestion. I think it's fabulous you guys do Wii!

  3. Thank you PJ for your kind words, I appreciate your reading my blog.

    I agree with you 100% about building muscle. Our ND wants my mom to stand and sit with a chair every day as an exercise to build her butt and leg muscles. However, my mom is stubborn and complains so much that I need to find fun ways to get her to move. Wii works.

    I'll see if there are any strength training exercises on Wii that she may be able to do.

    Cardio is good for her because of her vascular disease issues.