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28 November 2009

A Good Morning for Jo

This morning my mom woke up at 3am thinking that it was 9am.  She is excited that my sister is coming to take her out today.  They may go out to lunch somewhere which is a big treat for my mom.  She knows what she can and can't eat, she hates the hallucinations so I don't have to worry about her cheating.

Helleborous Niger is our fixer, it helps her to keep the walls and furniture from moving as well as all the strangers that seem to appear on occassion.  I must write a longer post about Helleborous.

I woke at 3am and helped her back to bed.  I told her to sleep until 7 and I'd make her coffee.  6:45am... squeak, squeak, squeak.  I hear my mom walk on the squeaky floor above my bed.  I was still tired and not ready to get up.

I did wake and set my mom up with her pills as well as checked all her readings.  I put coffee on for her and told her to help herself, I was sleeping a little longer.

Long story short, I got to sleep until almost 9am!  It felt great.  The kittens, they tried to wake me earlier but I was too sleepy.

My husband got up early and made sure my mom was OK.  Her only hallucinations were moving walls and furniture, no people.  When I woke, I gave her 4 pellets of Helleborous Niger, the walls and furniture have returned to their "right" place.

Today, I get a break for a few hours.  I'm excited.  It will be a great day... it IS a great day.  After all, I got to sleep until 9am, that NEVER happens.


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