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09 November 2009

Lewy's Visit

We were doing so well for so many nights in a row.  My mom was sleeping through the night and was waking up in a happy mood.

Today however, she kept waking up and walking around on the squeaky floors above my bedroom.  At one point she was walking around with stockings on her feet and no shoes, a recipe for a fall.

I jumped out of bed at 4am.  I rushed up the stairs as quietly as I could in order not to disturb Brian. 

On my way up the stairs I hear my mom shouting loudly, "HELLO!  HELLO!  HELLO!"

I begin to let out soft and firm "shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!' .... my mom, she just said her HELLO louder.

I turn the corner into the kitchen and there she is fully dressed at 4am.  She is now talking at full voice, "Where did everyone go?  I can't find anyone."

"Ma, everyone is sleeping.  Please lower your voice.  Shhhh!  Come on, let's go back to bed."

She gets to her room, confused, thinking that she doesn't live here.  I assure her that she's in her home.

She was worried about the children in the house taking her pills.  She kept asking me if the pills were safe.  I told her that there are no children in the house and all of her things are safe.

Mom puts her nightgown back on and I tuck her in.


Squeak, Squeak... barefeet heading for the sunroom, the place where she had fallen just last week. 

I rush up the stairs again, my mom is argumentative.  She is in a nasty mood. 

Again, I get her to lay back down.  I put on the news, it's all that's on TV and I head back to my bed to see if I can get a little more sleep.  I know how cranky I can be if I'm not rested.

I wasn't able to sleep.  Damn it!

Checked my mom's numbers and set her up with her supplements and pills.  Her blood sugar was 90, very good.  Blood pressure was a little high, but not outrageous, it was pretty good.

I made coffee and brought her a cup. 

I noticed a bag that she had packed with random things.  Shit!  We're back to the random bag packing.  She doesn't think she lives here and believes that she's going home.  My mom, she's confused in a big way today. 

What was the trigger that brought Lewy back?

Is it Uncle Al?  He calls her at least 2 times a day, telling her that he's coming to pick her up so that they can go out.  Uncle Al is in a nursing home, he's just as delusional as my mom these days.

Was it the call she got from Marty on Saturday?  I think she's worrying about him.

Or, was it the eggplant parmesean that I made for dinner last night?  I had stopped giving her any eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes and peppers for awhile after I had read that plants of the deadly nightshade variety cause problems with people who have dementia.

I'm bucking up and hoping that I'm prepared for whatever Lewy brings today.  I am going to the doctor today for a check up, hope my mom can sit quietly in the waiting room while the doctor does her thing.

Time will only tell.

I still think Lewy sucks big donkey (you know what!)


  1. My thoughts are with you. I don't know how you do it...

  2. Thank you. Sometimes I don't know how I do it either.

    Writing this blog helps me to put it all into perspective for myself. I know that she would do the same for me, so I MUST do what I can to make her feel safe and happy.

    It's definitely not easy, especially when I'm tired.

    I really understand the phrase, "patience is a virtue." Not a virtue that I was born possessing.

    Fortunately for me, my mom is teaching me about patience... she tries it just about every day!

    How lucky can one woman be?

  3. Sue, its seems to come and go without any reason. Packing and getting ready to go somewhere was one of the things my stepdad would do as well. Our hardest part was keeping him in the house waiting and not in the driveway. Once his conversations with the others, that weren't there, started they never stopped, no matter what we gave him. You are a stong woman and you'll get though all of this. We found that agreeing with him was a lot easier that telling him no, someone wasn't there, bcause disagreeing with him only made him more confused. You'll know when the time is right for all those things. God Bless, Jeanne

  4. Thanks for your words of experience.

    I find myself moving along, doing what needs to be done, working from my heart and inspired by my soul.

    Helping my mom is giving me a chance to experience both heaven and hell on Earth.