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18 November 2009

How to Use Hypnosis with Lewy Bodies

The mind, the most suggestible organisms on the planet.  That's my opinion.

I've come to this conclusion based on my experiences with my mom who has Lewy Bodies dementia and her receptivity to the hypnosis sessions that I give her at bed time.

What I have observed is that the nights I give my mom hypnosis in conjunction with Reiki, she sleeps through the night and her following day is happy.

Tonight my mom got a hypnosis session.

I told my mom that she is safe. 

Susie will take care of everything, let all worries go they are not important.

I then told her that Brian is taking care of Susie ...


Let go. 

Tomorrow will be a great day.  You will wake up feeling fully refreshed and rested. 


You are safe and sound.

(I stroke her head and gently push her hair behind her ears, just as she did to me when I was little and what her mom did to her when she was a kid.)


My mom lets out a few sighs, showing me that she's letting it all go.  She was relaxing.  She felt safe and sound.


A soft purrrr of a snore, my little Jo was off in dream land, hopefully dreaming of kittens or something really pleasant.

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