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01 November 2009

My Favorite Trick-o-Treater 2009

Halloween night... oh boy. Let's give all the kids high fructose corn syrup and help to start them down a poor health road.

I did NOT want to pass out candy. I wanted to give out tooth brushes, but I didn't want to be "that lady", the one who ruins the Halloween fun.

So, I bought candy. Lots of it. I must have beent thinking that I still live at the house we sold, my first house that I had bought. Over my 10 years of residing in my cute little bungalow with my mom and Brian on the weekends, I had become known as a "good candy house."

Over the years, I started to get more and more kids. I decorated my house so that it was inviting for all the ghouls and goblins, begging for sweet treats. It worked. I'd sometimes have over 100 kids show up at my door. I hated running out of candy. One year I did and gave out microwave popcorn packages.

The kids didn't like the popcorn packages, it was too healthy. Thank God they spared me any tricks, they must have given me special dispensation because I never let them down with giving them candy.

This year, I don't know what I was thinking, we never get many trick o treaters around this neighborhood. I still felt that I needed to buy lots of candy. I did.

We had about 8 kids. Brian passed out the candy for most of the evening while I checked on the moms, made dinner and cleaned the mess.

I wanted to see the kids so I relieved Brian of his duty. I didn't have to ask him twice. He left a cloud of dust, he ran off so fast.

Ding Dong

I spy a cute little lady bug costume. The little girl must have been about 2, maybe 3. Her sister was about 6.

I held the huge bowl of candy down so that the little girls could take a treat. The 6 year old, she took 1 little piece and ran off to see the folks at the end of the driveway who seemed to be with her parents.

The 2-3 year old lady bug? Well, I never so anything so funny. Her tiny little hand kept grabbing at the candy, fast and furious, stuffing it in her little plastic pumpkin. I couldn't stop laughing. I held the bowl down for her. Her mom was snapping pictures. We were howling.

I wish I had my video camera handy or at least a camera to capture a picture to share, but it all happened so fast.

This year, the lady bug girl was my favorite, quite an opportunist at such a young age!

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