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24 November 2009

Success Principle Eight of Being a Good Care Giver: I will Multiply my Value 100 Fold

You Can If You Think You Can

We can do anything that we set our minds and hearts to accomplish.

What can we do as Care Givers to multiply our value?  I'm not just referring to helping our loved ones, I'm talking about what are you doing now to multiply your personal value of you?  What are you doing today that will help you the day after your Care Giving Project is over?

Care givers can hide behind the very people they are caring for, it can become our excuse to do nothing for ourselves.  It's a pretty lame ass excuse if you ask me.  Heck, I was falling victim to it and found myself becoming more and more unhappy.  My mom, she just got more and more nuts.  It wasn't working and I had to do something to avoid a massive train wreck from occuring in my life. 

What did I do?  I got creative.  I looked in the mirror.  Instead of thinking of my Care Giving tasks as a thankless job, I began to experience the blessings that Care Giving brings.  I changed how I approached Care Giving.  I changed how I thought about my mom.  Seeing her for the funny person that she is, I began to relax and enjoy her.  After all, isn't the whole point of giving her more good days so that she could spend them with my family and me?

So, with this post, I hope to multiply my value to my readers 100 fold, to maybe shine a beacon of hope on those down days when you want to say F-It and walk away.  Deep down you know you could never do it, but we think about fleeing.  We can't help it.  Some days suck with Lewy... but the good news is, they don't have to. 

Care Givers, we hold the key to the good days. 

It's our attitude, actions, emotions, words, body language; all of these parts of being human are what hold the key to our loved ones having a good or bad day.  Start now by working on yourself.  Practice and incorporate these success principles that I'm writing about into every area of your life and life will become so much better for you and your loved one. 

You will find success in having peace.  Inner peace and calm.  You know, the stuff you can't buy.  Our prize will come, apply the principles of success, right now for YOU. 

I'm discovering that I feel more empowered as a care giver.  I'm planning my new career now for when this Care Giving Project is over.  I'm visualizing what I want my life to be.  I'm writing my movie script for my new life which is absolutely a work in progress.  It's exciting. 

Dreaming and dreaming big... is there anything else?

What we give out to the Universe, we receive.  Give love, get love.  Give money, get money.  Give value, get value.

It's really not difficult to have peace, you just have to give it!

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