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24 November 2009

Meet the Family

My husband and I are thrilled to have made the decision to bring home 2 new little kittens.  They are absolutely adding some young funny energy.  We both can't wait to fire up the video camera this winter and film them doing their cute little antics.  Who knows, maybe they'll help us to win the $100K prize on America's Funniest Videos? 

Savita, she's been our cat for quite some time now.  She wasn't very friendly and still isn't very friendly, especially to dog people.  It's funny to see her get a little attitude when we come home with dog smell on us.  She will hiss at the scent of dog on anyone who comes over.  Poor Marty, she is always trying to wack him with her sharp claws because he has dogs and cats!

However, over the years, since just about every one in my family has dogs, Savita is becoming less sensitive to the scent of other animals. 
We took a shot with adoption, could this be the right time to adopt new animals?  We thought about a puppy.  We love German Shepard's but we thought a kitten would be easier. 

Knowing how territorial Savita is with this house and anything that moves outside, we decided to get 2 kittens from the same litter.

Pictured is Savita's reaction when she was told that we were bringing home new babies for her to teach.  She does not look thrilled, at all.

Here's Savita when she was a baby.  A fiesty little she-devil but funny.  My mom loved Savita from the beginning, they bonded immediately.  Savita became my mom's cat because I travelled all the time for my job.  The cat is smart and often would wake me when my mom was having trouble on the otherside of the house where I couldn't hear her. 

I nearly brought her back to the vet when I first brought her home because she shit on the couch.  But, my mom had already bonded with her by this point, that's when I took the picture of My mom and her new little baby.  This picture was taken in June 2002.  My mom was noticing the little heart shaped white patch on her belly in this photo.

Savita was a darling little kitten that turned into a really good companion for my mom.  She still is my mom's buddy.  She brought sunshine into our lives and continues to do her job every day.  Savita means Sun (Sunshine.)

It's time for her to have some kittens to teach.  Just as Shadow, my mom's former cat taught little Savita.  Savita loved Shadow.  Shadow was a really great cat too.  He taught her about hawks that fly in the sky and not to go past a certain point in my old driveway because I lived on a busy street.  I just wasn't too nuts about how he drooled when you'd pat him.  It sort of reminded me of Homer Simpson the way the cat would drool.  We loved that cat, he was so cool.  Here he is with Savita when she was a kitten, when he was letting her know who was boss.

Savita and Shadow became friends.  Then one night Shadow got out, he had to go out.  We never let the cats out at night, especially in my old neighborhood because of the coyotes and fisher cats.  But, this one night, Shadow got out and never returned.  He must have been caught by a wild animal in the woods.  We never saw him again.  It was so sad.  But, Savita made my mom happy, it gave her someone to care for and nurture.

Now, I'd like to introduce you to our new additions.

We named her Salli Mae because she's so cute and reminds us of a Salli.

Here's Salli sleeping in Savita's bed.

And this handsome Cat is Sammy Davis Jr.  What a fine looking cat with a great attitude.

So far so good.  The kittens are settled in and making us all laugh.  Savita?  She's OK.  She's not trying to get at them to kill them.  I'm sure she will love these kittens like Shadow loved her.

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  1. Update: September 26, 2010

    Savita is one happy cat. She lost most of her teeth and can still catch bigger rodents than the kittens; who are now looking pretty big and catch rodents... wooo hooo.

    The kittens are awesome. Sammy has taken over the job of waking me when one of our mom's is up and about in the middle of the night. He is relentless when it's my mom who's wandering... what a great cat he has become. He is my cat, even though he was intended to be my husband's cat. Salli Mae, she was my cat so I decided to rename her to Shakti after I had met her. She is a sweet cat and brings peace and love to all humans that she likes. She is also a fierce hunter. She can bring down grown squirrels!

    Savita and the kittens play outside, they hunt together and Savita loves to gloat when she has caught something and killed it without any fangs. She's learned how to suffocate her prey.

    This is what I call an Organic gardening tip of the week!