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17 November 2009

Success Principle Two of Being a Good Care Giver: The Power of Love

We've all heard that Love makes the world go 'round.  Songs have been written and sung about love for as long as history has been recorded. 

Being in love... nothing is better.  The feelings, the emotions... we feel invincible, everything is going your way.  Life is grand.

Think about those feelings, re-live the love vibe, the feeling you had when you first met your significant other, the moment you first laid eyes on your brand new baby.  These are the time when our souls are the most pure, stripped of the facades and the veils, we are at this point in time, being real.

Love allows us to be real with ourselves and in turn, with others.

Caregiving, it's a form of love, it's love in motion. 

Actions always speak louder than any words that are spoken.  Care giving allows one human to give love to another through our doing.  I'm not refering to sex, I'm talking about a deep love that is born through our actions. 

Talk is cheap. 

Care givers know this better than anyone.  The longer we are care givers, the more we understand the hollow words that are offered to us out of some sort of love.  Everything boils down to love of some kind.

Love of self.  Love of someone else.  Love has many forms and faces. 

It's up to us.  Love begins with each of us, each individual on the planet has a responsibility to love because after all, love makes the world go 'round.

How are you going to love today?  How are you going to be more kind to yourself? 

I've discovered that the kinder I am to myself, I am more kind to others. 

Taking time to love is not difficult, especially when you use the first success principle, getting into good habits.

Why not share a smile with a stranger?  Or pay someone's toll on the highway? 

Random acts of kindness is a way to share love, to let someone know that you care, even if you don't know them. 

We are all connected. 

We're all children of the Earth, young and old, all of us and we all respond well to love. 

My mom with Lewy Bodies Dementia has taught me that emotions, feelings and love can and does create miracles. 

Open your eyes and feel the power of love around you, it is great medicine for all that ails you.


  1. "Caregiving, it's a form of love, it's love in motion. "

    I love that. It speaks volumes.

    I really love this whole post actually. It's just very...telling. Very open. Very true.

    I found myself nodding along with your words as I read them.

  2. Thank you Arielle. I'm taking a new approach to my blog. I'm really happy that you like it.

    Years ago I wrote a self-help book for unemployed folks. I'm re-writing it for caregivers.

    This blog is where I'm writing my thoughts that I will later polish into another book.

    Thank you for reading my blog, I really appreciate your attention. (and everyone else who reads my stuff!)

    Thank you!