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03 November 2009

The Man is Under my Covers

Just when I thought we were doing so well with keeping the hallucinations away, my mom asks the question, "So tell me, what can I do about the man under my covers? Can you give me something to get rid of him?"

Not words that I wanted to hear.

We're down to just one hallucination, just one man, "the man", the spook that scares the snot out of her.
"It's not a whole man" she tells me this morning. "... He's sort of transparent from the waste up. He doesn't have legs anymore. It's strange. I don't know how to explain it."
I ask my mom, "So, when was the last time you saw him?"

"Hmmmmm?" She replies as she looks up to the ceiling as if the answer is written there for her to see.

"I don't know, it could be 2 days. I'm not sure. But I need to explain it to you. Listen."

So, I listened to my mom explain to me how this man is invisible to everyone but her. He has been sneaking under her covers at night. He can get by me because he's invisible. He doesn't squeak the floors either because he can float.

I asked her if it is my dad. I know that last week she talked about him being in bed with her all night and for me to be quiet in the morning so that I didn't wake him. Now, it's not my dad. It's some strange man that wears a big black brimmed hat.

Is she seeing an apparition? Is it Lewy? Has she put a nasty image to go along with Lewy? I'm beginning to think that naming her illness wasn't such a good idea.

She believes this hallucination is there, that it's real. She tells me it's one of those people from the house next door, the ones that look over the fence at her sometimes.

I've never seen anyone looking over the fence, ever.

My mom, she does patrol the yard visually from the safety of our home. She walks around, looking through windows that will give her a clear view of the fence. She'll either tell me that she sees people or that there's no one there.
Lately, during the day, especially since she started to take Ashwagandha in the morning too, she hasn't hallucinated during the day. She hasn't seen any "people" looking at her over the fence. If she does, that's when I give her 4 pellets of Helleborus Niger 30 C. I haven't given her any in several days.

Now what do I do?
I believe she's dreaming when she thinks the man is in bed with her, the dark transparent man with the big brimmed hat.
In the past she would have actually woken up and walked to find someone to show the man to... that someone has typically been me. I don't hear her get up and walk around.

Thank God for those squeaky floor boards.

The absence of her night time sleep walking is leading me to believe that by naming her disease and referring to it as Lewy, my mom's subconscious has given a shape to the offending cause of her illness...

Who is "The Man", the only hallucination she seems to be having, could it be her subconscious perception of "Lewy?"

Today I will explain this to her. She loves it when I give her an explaination for what ails her, it makes her feel more comfortable. Who knows if I'm right or wrong, I do know that the end result is always the same, she's relaxed.
She trusts me. She believes that I'm going to help find a cure for what ails her. When we do, it sure will be cause to celebrate. If we are not able to, then my mom will go to the grave believing that we did.

Could the final remedy for the cure be LOVE?

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