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12 November 2009

My Outting with Ma

Everyday I like to take my mom out for a short ride in the truck.  Some days I have more than one errand to run, other days, I have no special plans, we just go out for a ride.

My mom's been wanting to go to the bank for weeks so that she could check on her money.  It's not much money, about a thousand bucks but to her it's a lot.

Yesterday, I took her to the bank and it was closed for the holiday.  I finally get her to the bank and it's CLOSED!

Today, I wrote out her checks to pay her bills and then we went to the bank so that she could ask her important questions to the teller.  I didn't know what the questions were.

I too had some banking to do so when I got inside the bank, I walked over to a counter to write out the slips.

I thought my mom was standing next to me.

Next thing I know I hear her little soft voice, stumbling over her words, asking the teller something.  I hear the teller say something, she was polite, she had no idea what my mom was talking about.

Oh boy... I better rush over and interpret.

My mom sees me next to her and she says, "Oh Good... can you tell her?"

I had no idea what she wanted so I guessed.  I am not sure if it was the right guess or it sounded good to my mother, but it appeased my mom.

I helped her write out a check and then we got the woman to print out a current statement.  My mom was happy until she looked at the paper and said, "But I can't read this!"

I assured her that everything was in order.  She seemed ok with it all.  She has money in her pocketbook and her bills were mailed at the post office.

Success.  We made it through another day.  Rachel's laundry is all done, she blessed me and my mom got to the bank.

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