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20 November 2009

How's Care giving working for you?

It's been about a week now since I had the idea to approach Care Giving as I would any business venture. As a result, my life is much better.  I feel more relaxed and calm.  I'm happier.  Deep inside happier.  God, I haven't felt this good in a long time. 

I've been practicing what I've been writing for blog post to help the Care Giver.  It's helping me a lot.  My mom, she's doing better, WAY better.  She's had a couple of rough days but they are what her good days used to be like.  I am not bothered by the people and talking stuffed animals or rolladex thingies that are faces.  The lunacy, well, it's there but I don't care.  I am calm.  I love the strong being that I am.  Yay... I'm here!

In the past, I'd be a freakin' basket case trying to tell my mom that the people and things don't exist.  Now, fuck it.  I don't care.  Instead, I took the rolladex with the imaginary face and hid it in her closet.  Not like she's calling anyone.  The talking stuffed animal cat?  She seemed to like it so I made sure she could see it from her chair.  The puffy maroon lap blanket?  Oh, that turned into my dead brother Ed.  She loved his visit so I left it.

My mom, she's happy.  She was in her Oakey Doakey state of mind tonight.  When I was tucking her in, she turned so that I could rub her back.  My perfect opportunity to make some positive suggestions.  I forget what I said but she started laughing and told me that I'm funny.  Tonight, I expect a good sleep for all of us, especially my mom.

I'm realizing that by focusing on myself, the Care Giver... taking my mind off my mom, every one is happier.  Me, my mom, my husband, my mother in law... everyone, even the cat!  It's so simple.  We the care giver hold the power to change it all through our minds, our thoughts.  Really, it's that easy.

I'm only on the 5th lesson of Success for a Caregiver and already I'm seeing the magic unfold.  What amazes me is I know this stuff, inside and out.  I am helping myself as I write to my readers.  What a bonus!

We have the power within us to manifest and create anything that our hearts desire. 

My personal goal is to help my mom have way more good days than bad and any bad days are like her old good days.  So far, so good.

For me, it's working out wicked good... how's it working for you?

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