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16 November 2009


On Friday, I had to go to the doctor for a check up.  I wrote a blog post about how awesome it was that my sister came as a suprise to stay with my mom.

Well, that is until I found out this morning why my weekend sucked so bad with my mom.  My sister gave her a cracker with her chili!

I know that a cracker seems like an innocent thing to give someone, after all, it's only "a tiny piece" but it matters with folks who have Lewy Bodies Dementia. 

I believe that the baked goods with baking soda and baking powder, in conjunction with the gluten and preservatives in the processed cracker, causes inflamation in the brain.

I'm basing this belief on my observations.  I share my observations with anyone who will listen, even my mother in law.  My MIL, being the smart woman that she is, takes what I say and does her own observations.

Fortunately, she was there on Friday when my sister gave my mom a cracker.  Which my MIL told me my mom ate like she was starving.  Well, she was probably starving for the old food that got her sick in the first place

My MIL noticed how quickly that my mom became confused.  It got progressively worse.  Saturday sucked.  My mom woke in the wee morning hours and was confused about where her room was, where she lived, extra stairs, big holes in the floor, the people, the little kids, the wild animals, extra cats... the entire nightmare was back.


Because of a fucking cracker!

My mom knows not to eat anything that someone doesn't give to her.  She asked my sister for a cracker, she gave it to her.  My sister left for the weekend and I was left with a 2 day visit with Lewy.   SHIT!

All weekend, I couldn't understand what happened with my mom's cognition.  She was once again mean toward me, the old crazy mom was back, the stranger that I thought I had sent packing with the crackers.

People, when someone is on a strict diet and a care giver asks you to follow the diet, please do.  You may feel like you are doing something nice for the loved one but really, you are making a nightmare for not only the person who eats the cracker but every one else that lives in the house.

Please... no baked goods, no crackers... please!

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