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18 October 2009

The Little Girl

My mom has been hallucinating about a little girl for months. The little girl is mischievous and gets into her things. The little girl makes my mom mad.

Last night, my mom went to bed early. Probably too early, but none the less, she fell asleep at 7pm-ish.

Before I called it a day, I instructed the cat to make sure she comes to get me if my mom woke up. She always does, especially when I tell her.

I slept like a log.

I thought I heard a noise at 4am but I ignored it when I didn't see the cat show up at my bedroom door.

8:30am. I can't believe that I slept until 8:30am! No cat came to the door. Hmmm? That's odd.

I rush upstairs and find her bedroom door shut. No wonder the cat couldn't come and get me. Her little TV table was upside down on the floor against a wall, tissue box on another side of the room on the floor. Pillows and blankets spewn everywhere too.

My first reaction... 'F(*&!" !!!

Mom was in bed, she told me that she was freezing. I pulled up her covers and asked her if she still wanted to go to Bingo with Donna today. Her reply, "I have to go. I have to go to Bingo."

Last night I suggested to her that she's going to win. She usually does. I hope so... it will be just the happy time she needs to keep Lewy away for a few days.

I've been thinking of this little girl that she hallucinates about. Sometimes I wonder if one of my sisters or me is the little girl in her hallucinations?

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