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18 October 2009

Now what do I do?

Donna has come and gone with my mom. Off to Bingo!

My sister has a poor sense of direction and where we live is tucked away, very difficult to find, let alone find the highway to take them to the bingo hall. I gave her my cellphone to take along because I have the navigation option with the phone that I've got. It used to come in handy when I was traveling in different states for my job.

I packed them a lunch. I cooked up a few slices of turkey bacon. I prepared the Romaine Lettuce leaf so that it would roll with out breaking. Inside the lettuce wrap I put a 1/2 slice of bacon, a few shaved pieces of fine Irish Cheddar Cheese, thinly sliced red onion, a little organic mayo and a few pieces of pea sprouts.

I put everything at the light colored end of the lettuce and rolled it up like I did when I make sandwiches with Lavash wraps.

To help keep it together in the little lunch baggies, I tied a piece of green onion around the center of the wrap to keep it from unrolling.

Also in the lunch I put 2 apples and a couple of pieces of 70% cocoa chocolate that I got at Trader Joe's for 2 bucks. It's amazing chocolate that's made with beet sugar. Mmmmmmm!

Brian took his mom out for the Sunday papers. For the first time ever, I have the house to my self. It's a strange feeling to be alone. I'm so accustomed to having to be somewhere in the house helping someone (usually my mom.) Ahhh... this is nice. Quiet. Peace.

Today, even though it's raining outside, it's a sunny day for me. I've got 5 hours before my mom comes back home. Brian is taking me anywhere that I want to go today.

Wow... a date with my husband! I don't even have to think about my mom, she's with Donna. Rachel, she's fine on her own. I'll set her up with a nice lunch before we leave for the afternoon.

Today is a GREAT day! I think we'll go to the Mexican Restaurant and have a couple of nachos with those Margaretta's!


  1. Have a wonderful dinner with you husband, you deserve it. I am new to reading your posts and I so understand your problems. I was a part time caretaker for my step father until this past July when he died. The hallucinations were the hardest to deal with and he too had little children visions. Hang in there. God bless you. Jeanne

  2. Thank you Jeanne. The little children hallucinations make her feel like she has a bunch of kids running around the house again. I don't mind the little kids. It's "the man" that I don't like, he scares her. Fortunately, the man doesn't visit her now that she's living upstairs in our Master Bedroom Suite.

    I'll write a post about my day yesterday... it was awesome.