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15 October 2009

Bedtime Routine with Ma to Keep Lewy Away

My mom's been sleeping soundly every night since she began taking Ashwagandha. Lewy Bodies, which I believe more and more is the type of dementia my mom has, is triggered when my mom is tired, scared or nervous.

If my mom doesn't get sleep at night, the next day is hell for her. The hallucinations keep her from closing her eyes at night because she is afraid she'd miss something. "What the hell are you gonna be missin' there Ma?" She was afraid she wouldn't see "the man" so that she could fight him off.

Sleep deprivation makes her insane and as a result, I find myself dipping my toe into the deep end of the insanity pool. I usually cry and my face becomes red and swollen. It's a horrible spiral downward, definitely not the right direction for good health for anyone.

However, I think we've figured out a good bedtime routine for Ma and me.

7pm she takes her High Blood pressure pills with a cup of Nettle Tea.

8pm she hops into her bed with glee as she sings, "Oh, my bed... I've been waiting to crawl in all day."

She usually watches a couple of her favorite sitcoms like "The Adventures of New Christine", "Two and a Half Men" and "The Big Bang Theory."

9pm I give her a shot of Ashwagandha and water in Brian's Cobolt Blue NYPD shot glass that he got when he went to school at Columbia, eons ago. She knocks it down like a seasoned drinker, rolls onto her left side (to help with her constipation problem), I put on the "ting-a-ling" music channel, set the TV timer for an hour and I shut out the lights.

With Savita laying next to my mom, I begin to give my mom Reiki and make gentle suggestions. I tell mom that she's a great mom and that all of her kids love her. I assure her that all of her children and grand children are safe and sound. That everyone is happy. Sometimes she'll say, "Ah, that's nice." Other times she'll have a Mona Lisa smile on her face as she tells me how hot my hands are on her back. She loves when I give her Reiki.

I'd say the best suggestion that I plant at night, "If you wake up and it's dark outside, everyone is safe and sound, go back to sleep."

Reiki and Hypnosis combined with all of her supplements, especially Ashwagandha is keeping Lewy away. Ma is sleeping through the night every night and waking up feeling great.

The day time hallucinations are non-existant this week. She hasn't needed any Helleborus Niger 30c, a fabulous Homeopathic Remedy that clears her confusion.

We feel pretty confident that we have found the solution to help my mom keep her mind a little bit longer.

My mom's take on all of this, she believes that she's the first person on the planet that is cured of Lewy Bodies. The mind is a powerful tool, she just could be the first one cured.

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  1. I have something for you on my blog. I wish it were more--you deserve a medal!