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08 October 2009

Hypnosis and Dementia

Yesterday wasn't a bad day but it wasn't a good day either. My mom didn't sleep well the night before, I only gave her 4 drops of Ashwagandha before bed. The first night she took some, Monday night, she slept for 14 hours with out waking up. The next day (the last day I posted) she had a very good day.

She even remembered that she had an MRI several years back. The most incredible thing was that she remembered where her MRI films were tucked away. The films are images of her brain from February 2002. She's having another MRI on October 27th so that the neurologist can check out what's going on now.

From all that I've read and observed with my mom, I'm convinced she has DLB, Dementia with Lewy Bodies. Especially because her dementia came on so sudden. I actually saw it happen in the bank when she was upset.

The Ashwagandha is helping to keep her hallucinations away at night. It's keeping her sleeping, which is awesome. I'm not used to it yet, I still sleep with one eye and ear open.

The Cognifactor that her ND prescribed is working very well for her cognition. This morning she started to tell me that it's all making sense and that her environment isn't so scary.

I started filming my mom talking about the hallucinations and what she feels when she's in the crazy state that she gets in from time to time. I need to edit it down before I share different clips. I hope it gives people insight in to finding a way to solve this brain disorder.

Before our video session this morning she told me about the lady appearing in a black cap over her head. She told me that the lady is the only one who keeps appearing. I gave her a few drops of Helleborus water under her tongue.

When I began to video her talking, she was becoming clearer. She's not back 100%. I don't know if she ever will be again. But, I'll keep trying. The only thing that I haven't tried is giving her a full blown hypnosis session. I've got some thoughts and currently creating a list of positive phrases to put into her subconscious.

Here is my current list so far - any other suggestions from people with experience with a DLB patient, please add a comment.

I am confident
My mind is getting stronger every day
I am happy
I sleep well at night
I can distinguish the difference between night and day
I walk with confidence
I recognize my family and friends
I believe in the power of my mind to heal itself

It's an interesting road we just turned onto. I have hope with all the supplements and the professional help that my mom is now receiving.

My next question is, will hypnosis help my mom to retrain her brain?

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