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24 October 2009

The Attitude of Belief

Whatever we believe to be true is true... period, end of story, it's the Attitude of Belief that matters most.

Through my training and study of hypnosis, I realized one thing, whatever the mind believes is true, is true. Once the mind forms an opinion and makes "sense" of something, there's not much that can be done to change the belief.

Sometimes, belief seems to be hardwired. My Aunt Jay is very Catholic with a strong belief in Jesus. She's told me once that she prays so hard that she sees Jesus' face before her, the tortured face of Christ, bloodied and in agony. Is she hallucinating?

The thing with Jay is that all her prayers are answered. She figured out the attitude of belief and how to transform her thoughts into her reality.

I learned along the way that the best way to manifest ANYTHING into your life is to hold the thought strongly, mix in a bit of emotion and a little enthusiasm. Visualize what you want, believe that it's yours. Before you know it, this thought becomes your reality.

It's a simple formula to create things out of nothing. It all begins with a thought. The amount of emotion and feeling put into the thought determines how fast it comes to you. Just like Jay's prayers, she prays with strong emotion and feeling. She's been doing it for years. Now, I know her secret.

Pray does work, but it's not because you are praying to a saint or other holy deity. It's because of you. You hold the power within you to create EVERYTHING in your life, both good and bad.

It starts with a thought which becomes a belief as you fixate on the idea.

The idea that I am fixated on these days is helping find a cure for what ails my mom and so many others with LBD.

People will say I'm nuts, that it's foolish, but I ignore these nasayers. I understand the power of belief and how to create something tangible out of nothing. I am doing the work, following my dream, it's my passion.

It's like writing this blog post. It started with an idea, a thought and now, it's something. I put my energy into it, I believed that I could write this and here it is... my article is nearly complete.

Yes, the writing of this blog post is a simplified version of what I believe to be a Universal Law, that thoughts are real and they need to be managed properly so that every day is a good day in your life.

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