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28 October 2009

Living on the Edge

With the help of our friendly homeopathic remedy, Helleborus Niger 30 C my mom is as close to normal as she's been in several years.


No people lurking in the shadows. My dead father isn't laying with her, flaky skin and all. My dead brother isn't sitting watching Tv with her. She doesn't believe she died and is in heaven with bathrooms everywhere.

My mom is back.

Our usual night is I turn her tv to a "ting a ling" music channel. Then, I give her Reiki and hypnosis. Based on her day, I come up with positive phrases that will keep her happy and asleep. Hypnosis works. Reiki works. She loves Reiki. She laughs when I give her hypnosis, she thinks it's funny. I don't care if she laughs, it still works.

Tonight, I'm living on the edge. I gave her 8 drops of Ashwagandha in her blue shot glass, shut off all the lights, hugged her and kissed her good night. She called me her best girl friend, I told her she was mine... lovey dovey... you are my BFF. Good night.

I set the timer on her TV and left her with an hour of ABC sitcoms. I told her to walk over the squeaky part of the dining room floor if she had trouble sleeping and I'd come and give her Reiki and Hypnosis. So far, so good.

Laughing is always good for her.


With LBD, I know the patient needs meds adjusted as they go along. I'm finding the same could be true with holistic treatments... only give them when needed.

Homeopathic and natural remedies make it easy because there are no side effects. NONE.

If my mom is hallucinating during the day, I give her 4 helleborus niger 30 c strength every 2 hours as needed. When she stops seeing things, I stop giving her the pellets.

She looks out the window, out into the back yard and checks to see if she sees people peering over the fence as she usually did. If the people are gone, we know she's set with the Helleborus.

If the room walls start to change... 4 more pellets under the tongue.

Today she only needed 12 pellets. Each day she needs less and less. In the past, the longest that she has gone is 7 days with out any hallucinations and no helleborus pellets, it's possible to get her there with this homeopathic remedy.

Reiki and hypnosis are a new addition. They are helping a lot. She is more agreeable and less agitated.

She loves Sue the impostor... how do I become that impostor?

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