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06 October 2009

Mid-Day Update on Good Ole' Mom

This morning my mom complained of eye pain. We put drops in that the ND had given to her to dissolve the cataract. She had me put a patch over it and she left it shut for a few hours. When she removed the patch and opened her eyes, she could see more clearly. It appears that the cataract must have dissolved,

My mom can now read the TV remote control! I don't have to run down and change the channel for her all day. It's exciting, especially for my mom.

Our ND had prescribed CogniFactor, a natural treatment with N-Acetyline L-Carnitine. This is supposed to be great for cognition.

So far so good. My mom is more clear. She isn't back completely, she still can't phathom that it's Sue (me) taking care of her. My mom always believed that Donna would be her caregiver.

It's great to see her smiling and laughing at TV. She's enjoying her recorded TV shows, "Dancing with the Stars" is her favorite.

I keep checking on her. I suppose I can't believe the change with the help of Ashwaghanda and CogniFactor.

I sat and talked with her. I told her when her next doctor appoints will be. I told her about the upcoming MRI. She looked at me and said, "Oh, I hate that test." I said, "Really? How do you know?" She said, "I had one. I have the xray film."

My mom jumped up and found the film. I am still stunned that she found the film, let alone remember she had the test done. It was done in February 2002. To my surprise, we have baseline MRI pictures of her brain! The doctors will be able to compare the results. Totally awesome.

Mom's doing better as each minute passes and we're both paralyzed with awe.

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