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02 October 2009

Magnesium Deficiency and Dementia

Magnesium. Who knew it was so important for ones good health? Before yesterday I never gave this mineral a thought.

Today my mom and I visited her ND. He asked her lots of questions and listened to her answers. He heard her tell him that she suffers from constipation. After a few minutes he stopped and asked me if she was taking any Magnesium. My answer was no. He then recommended that my mom take a small dose of magnesium every morning. He told us that it could help her with her constipation problem. He also asked me to track her dementia episodes with her constipation trouble so that we can see if it's worse when she's got a log jam.

I told the doctor about the article that I had read about magnesium and dementia. I included the article in yesterday's post about the link between magnesium deficiency and dementia. He told us that it is highly possible because Magnesium affects our central nervous systems.

Here's an article, "The Importance of Magnesium to Human Nutrition" that I found very informative.

So... I've got something else to hold out hope for my mom to find her mind.

If I had one wish granted to me, I'd wish that my mom would find her mind and be a happy old lady until the day she passes on.

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