I am not a doctor. I am providing information based on experiences that my mom has with natural remedies. The purpose of this blog is to help folks to educate themselves. Use this information with your own discernment.

30 October 2009

Good Visit with the Naturopath Doctor

My mom has Lewy Bodies Dementia, she's 80.

The illness causes her to have ups and downs. Good days and bad. It's a quick decline sort of disease.

I've been reading about what LBD patients are prescribed and how some folks have bad reactions to the drugs.

We see a Naturopath Doctor who prescribes natural remedies that help my mom with cognition and hallucinations. Everything is working great. No side effects.

I make sure that she gets a good nutritious diet. She eats like a queen and believes that she is living in heaven sometimes.

She loves the ND. He always makes her feel good. He prescribed Phosphatidyl Choline powder which I'll give her 1 tablespoon every morning in a smoothie or something. It's tasteless. It should help her with cognition.

I'm excited for my mom. She appears to be getting better. She does the Wii Fit balance board game every day and walking on the treadmill. all with out coaxing.

Stay tuned for the continuing story of my mom and my journey down dementia highway with Lewy.


  1. Your posts are so interesting. I like hearing all of the natural remedies you are working with. For my step-father all we used were drugs and the side effects were hell sometimes. Have you run into any problems with her bladder yet?Your patience is doing a lot of good for her as well. God bless, Jeanne

  2. She is getting better. The ND is suprised and happy.

    His plan all along is to help my mom to have more good days than bad ones. We take one day at a time. Sometimes, it's really difficult for her and me.

    The natural remedies work fabulous. I found Withania Somnifera (Aswhagandha) after I read a few doctor abstract articles and searched on key words. This is where I learned that Withania Somnifera is similar to Aricept with out the side effects.

    I am speaking from first hand experience as a caregiver to someone with LBD - the natural remedies work.

    She had wicked hallucinations that scared her so much,she was afraid to close her eyes. She wouldn't take Melatonin, nothing to help her sleep. She gets mean when she doesn't sleep.

    When I research natural remedies, I need to tell her all about it, good and bad before she'll happily take it.

    Yesterday, the Dr. told her to take Melatonin. He asked her why she stopped it (she did.) She didn't have an answer. Doc explained the benefits of melatonin for her and that he highly recommend that she take 1 3mg tablet at night.

    Last night, she took her little blue shot glass with 8 drops of Ashwagandha and her little melatonin as she said, "Bottoms up. The doctor will be proud of me, make sure he knows."

    I hope she never loses her bladder. So far, so good. She's improving. Her life is better than it was a couple of weeks ago. She's playing Wii Fit balance games again and doing pretty well with them. Her skin color is more radiant.

    Treating LBD with natural remedies is working awesome for my mom. I highly recommend folks seeking out the advice of a Naturopath Doctor, they know how to help you heal yourself.