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29 October 2009

Living on the edge... NEVER A GOOD IDEA

I'm still not sure WHY I changed my mom's bedtime routine. Probably because she was in a normal state and assured me that "she felt really good" and didn't need Reiki or hypnosis.


4 times last night she woke up. The one night terror that I remember is she was telling me how 'they' had a burning cigarette and burned her. I kept telling her that there wasn't a cigarette in the house, no one smokes.

This morning, I saw the projection clock on the table in her room. She said to me, "Susie, that's it, that's the thing that turned into a cigarette and burned me. Honest to God. I was burned!"

She wasn't, no marks anywhere on her body. She still believes it was real.

Here Ma, take 4 of these pellets and put them under your tongue.

Today we go to the dentist for our quarterly cleaning. I've found that having her teeth cleaned 4 times a year helps her blood sugar stay in better control. Brushing her teeth is also important, she brushes every day.

Nothing worse than the bad breath of a senior who doesn't see a dentist regularly.

So, what I've learned is living on the edge and changing routines with someone who has LBD, just because they tell you that they are "doin good", DON'T DO IT!

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